Black Mirror

So I’ve been watching quite a bit of Black Mirror recently. Kind of picking episodes at random because my partner won’t watch anything too scary :joy: So we’ve been cherry picking and watched maybe half of all the episodes so far.

Favourite episode is definitely San Junipero. Absolutely incredible stuff. Brilliant soundtrack with some of my all time favourite songs in there. Also thought Hang The DJ was great, and Nosedive.

Which is your favourite episode?

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I loved San Junipero, too! Possibly because it was the only kinda happy one and didn’t make me almost have an existential crisis. :thinking:

Shut Up and Dance is a good one. Made me feel sick.

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Hang The DJ is my favourite. I love how they all tie in together (and how Bandersnatch does too!). Great series - looking forward to the fifth…

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Hang The DJ was great. Never has a TV show got me like that where I didn’t see that ending coming at all.

Hope that they release the next season soon…