Unpopular Opinions

So what are your most unpopular opinions you hold? Just for the record I’m not looking for anything political so keep this lighthearted. Just something that is socially derided haha.

To kick off. Here’s mine: I cannot stand Star Wars I find it boring, but enjoy Star Trek.

Oh and I hate binge watching a series. I like watching a couple of episodes and then leaving it for a bit.

So what’s yours?


Recognising that they need to be heaving at other times when I am not there to keep going, but I would prefer a pub or venue to be absolutely deserted and near silent when I am there. This seems to be the very opposite of what most people want! Throngs! Noise! No personal space!


Can I come with you?

Mine is the weather. I like cloudy weather. If it’s cloudy in summer, it’s not too hot, and if it’s cloudy in winter, it’s not too cold. And sunny weather is just too bright.

Cloudy and double digit temperatures that begin with a 1 all the time, please.


So long as you are prepared to keep it quiet!


I agree with both of those opinions haha, another one is I hate beach holidays. There’s nothing worse than going on holiday to sit on a beach doing absolutely nothing. Give me a jam packed city break any day, usually coming back more tired than when I went!


I was with you all the way up to this bit :joy:

I don’t think the Beetles are all that really.

I’ve never seen the Godfather.

I’ve no desire to visit China.


If given the choice between a movie, a book or a TV show I will always choose the book if by myself.

Also don’t understand the deal behind The Bake Off

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Except for China, I agree with you.

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I don’t think sliced bread is the pinnacle of human achievement that everything should be compared to

Halloween is a bit shit really


For you


I think English food is fabulous. I don’t understand why fish and chips/ pie mash and liquor/ roast dinner / jellied eels aren’t seen as delightful the world over.


Tea tastes horrible. Prove me wrong


Just drank a cup of tea. It was lovely. QED


Peter Thiel posed a similar question in his book Zero to One. In fact, he says it’s his favourite interview question: “What’s the biggest “fact” people disagree with you on?” (or words to that effect). It’s a great way of finding gaps in markets.

As I read the book, I thought of this one: “No-one cares about climate change unless you can save them money.” That was about five years ago, and I actually think people would find it even harder to argue with now. Sure enough, the likes of Bulb and Pure Planet have found the gap in the market, but the masses won’t be moving to electric cars until they’re at least as cheap as those running on liquids, and even if they do, if the electricity comes from coal (the cheapest feedstock), it doesn’t help anyway.

Of course, the biggest issue here is the meat industry, and turning vegan would save a fortune. Despite this, I’m happy to admit I won’t be doing it myself, but I have invested in Stem & Glory :wink:

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I used to hate tea until I had Twinings English Breakfast tea in a Travelodge and that grew on me.

People shopping at Waitrose/ M&S when there is a perfectly good Aldi next door :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:.


Babies are the easiest part! They can’t move or talk back to you. All you have to do it feed them and change their nappies and they sleep for most of the day.

It all goes downhill once they can move, and talk and need attention…


And once they become teenagers it’s time to hide. Just hide


I don’t understand why people mock having pineapple on pizza. Hawaiian pizza is amazing.

I don’t understand the fascination with beach holidays. Sat on a beach with my friends for 6 hours every day doing nothing but suffering, got so sunburnt and came down with a fever, never again.

I also dislike beer and prosecco. I know it’s an acquired taste but why would you spend so much to learn to tolerate that taste?