Black Mirror - Bandersnatch - Interactive Episode

(Brandon Billingham) #21

Not working properly in Safari at the moment either. Tried Apple TV and it tells me I need to use a modern device for the app to support interactive content. Chromecast not supported either!

You’d think they would support these devices really.


Okay, working in Safari now. After update to LG TV app also works there

(Benjamin Doherty) #22

I just watched it, thought it was terrible.

(Jordan Taylor) #23

There’s a game similar to this that I really enjoyed playing/watching.
It’s stitched together seamlessly and has multiple endings.
I played it on Xbox via the Game Pass subscription service they now do.

(James Murray-Ferris) #24


I’m shook to my core by it! I’m gonna have to create a spreadsheet to track my responses


I highly doubt that, to be honest. If there are though, a lot must have the same result…

I did ‘watch’ this earlier today though, pretty sure I did most of the branches. I viewed one of the best endings at least :slight_smile:

I talked to my sister and she had complete different experiences to me… it’s really branchy!


(Nick) #27

Fighting Fantasy or GTFO :joy:


I don’t know how I feel about it to be honest. I’ve had a few endings and I’m not satisfied… Well see if that changes.

(Andrew Ross) #29

Now this looks interesting - a multiple choice film that can take between 40 and 90 minutes to watch depending upon your choices!

Check out “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” on Netflix

(Jack) #30

The decision tree with all outcomes.



I was still going at the 2hr mark. Then it got a bit mad. Then ended. I was left unfulfilled I think.

(Jack) #32

I got a bit confused as I’d been down a few paths and couldn’t remember what had and hadn’t happened :see_no_evil:

(Marc Dando) #33

The scene with Stefan… on the train with his Mum hit me like a ton of bricks. Seriously, I had to stop watching for a bit after that. Then I went straight to Spotify to try and find the song that plays during that part :sweat_smile:

(Anthony Philip) #34

Did you see me standing in carriage aisle reading a newspaper in the interactive scene of finding the rabbit toy! :crazy_face:

(Caspar) #35

It felt incomplete to me. I was getting bored and hoped I’d be near the end. Then I did get an ending, and got to redo some options but they all end at around the same point. I felr they spent so long focusing on the fun technology and not enough on the story.

(Splodf) #36

I watched it this afternoon and got through as many options as it would let me before it ended. I thought it was really well put together and the tech was seamless.

I quite enjoyed it as a concept to be honest and would watch more if they became available. Not sure how time effective they are to put together - I imagine they aren’t!

It is the first Black Mirror episode I’ve watched where I didn’t want to sit in a dark corner and question my life.

(Jordan Taylor) #37

Was disappointed with the story
Seamless transitions however.
I still recommend you try the game ‘Late Shift’ that I had mentioned above, which has a true multiple choice system and doesn’t force you into redoing your action.


The game Detroit: Become Human on PS4 has an excellent decision system and there’s so many different outcomes and the characters can be killed off permanently at so many different points.


Isn’t that the point of Black Mirror though?


I’m not too keen on interactive movies.

For me the point of a movie is to have a solid story and ending as the director or screenwriter intended it, whether it’s sad or happy.

Having multiple endings kinda ruins that as you can now just go back if you don’t like/agree with the ending. It ruins the impact of the movie.

If you can adjust movies to your liking you might as well just write your own movie instead of watching existing ones?


I’ve played Late Shift, which was great but my only complaint is that it’s too short. It was over and done with in just over an hour.

Detroit : Become Human on ps4 however is sublime! I can’t recommend it enough. Such a fantastically crafted story, and the fact the story really does truly mould to your choices is brilliant.