Netflix to launch a second interactive show

I think I’ll pass on this one. You?

When I watch TV it’s usually because I’m too lazy to interact with anything, including my own thoughts. Which is why I haven’t watched Bandersnatch yet either.


Meh. I wasn’t that impressed with the Bandersnatch episode.

I gave it a go because it was something “new” and I wanted to see what the hype was about but it just didn’t flow and required too much effort :laughing: I’ll give this one a miss too :-1:


I haven’t watched Bandersnatch yet because it won’t even work on anything I use to watch Netflix :grimacing:

I was under the impression that it works on most Netflix clients. What do you use out of interest?

In the bedroom: a Sony TV I forget the model of, where I watch Netflix through the built-in smart TV thingy.

In the lounge: a 1st-gen Amazon Fire TV stick.