Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2018

It’s rapidly approaching us…

Google tells me that Friday 23rd November is Black Friday this year. Annoyingly that’s 3 days before payday, but oh well!

If you’re planning on taking advantage of a discount, what are you thinking of getting? I could do with a new TV personally… But also happy to wait if I don’t see a deal I like.

Phone upgrade? New console? Wearable tech? Hue lights? What are you thinking about?


Undecided yet, every year it becomes more and more of a con with very few actual decent offers but will be keeping an eye on HUKD


Most likely just going to keep an eye out for a new SIM-only plan.


Bought a new house and we’re hopefully moving in March (or before it…)

So will be buying non bulky items that are easy to move! Although if that perfect OLED TV comes up… I’m buying it :wink:


Getting a Nintendo switch as a family pressie for Christmas so looking out for one of those, games and controllers. Hopefully Argos have a good offer


I’ve got a £200 amazon voucher that I’ve been saving for this.
Hoping to get some hue stuff or new headphones.


It’s a phone if it’s anything but I’m not wedded to the whole Black Friday deadline for a decision.


The race to the bottom continues.

If Black Friday has to be a thing, instead of throwing even more money at huage retailers, why not go out and support your local indy retailers.

Consume less, consume better?



Might keep an eye out to see if there are any SIM-only deals that beat the one I got last year.

Have looked for Anker powerbank deals in the past, but really don’t need any more this year!

Perhaps a new Fire TV stick or an Echo Dot if Amazon do a really good deal on them.

We look forward to the house warming invite!


Looking to upgrade to some Nest Outdoor Cameras!

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I always spend too much on black friday and there’s nothing I particularly want so I’ll try and avoid the temptation!

A new kindle fire tablet for my mums christmas present and hoping to get a decent new laptop in there too for me :crossed_fingers:

Still haven’t had the house warming for my flat… which we moved into 6 years ago… :no_mouth:

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Agh neither did we! We had more of an event when we converted our loft than we did when we moved in to this house :rofl:

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I may buy an Amazon Fire Stick 4k if they are discounted - if Amazon defaults to 4K for the Prime stuff, which I doubt.

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Probably Alexa, I’m just not sure which device or model or if there is much difference between the generations!


I’ve been looking for a mobile broadband deal - so may wait to see if there’s anything spectacular.

Could be tempted by a new Amazon FireStick if the price is right. But no doubt that would also prompt a new TV too…

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