What Black Friday deals did you get?

Black Friday, Cyber Monday

Who managed to grab a bargain?

I didn’t buy anything on Friday, because I didn’t see anything on sale that I wanted to buy. So I saved quite a bit of money by not purchasing stuff I didn’t want, just because it was cheap.

If I change my mind, I’ll buy something in the January sale. :+1:


Got xbox one s for kids Xmas £250 down to £170 could have got k e for £129 but would have had to pay an extra £60 for the game they actually wanted

A Samsung tablet for a Christmas pressie that Ive been watching the price for weeks

And an amazon dot that I’ve been thinking about for ages. Handy

The best deal what you can get is when you don’t spend money:)

But seriously, what I can see most of the times
that there is not a ‘big’ bargain anywhere. It’s not what I wanted, noname brand or I didn’t even think about it on my previous weeks.

So what I do is: I budget a minimum amount every month from my income for general categories like clothes, bike maintenance, fly tickets or whatever it is. When I see something accidentally cheaper than usual then I pay from my pot. Because of this, I bought some stuff cheaper because I didn’t have money for them for a while and when I almost saved enough, I found a quick big discount deal.
That feeling is great:)

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I waited to see what my next dashcam might get reduced to - and it was dearer than the previous week. I’ll wait until the New Year. R-

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I just did all my Xmas shopping.

Used topcashback too so got about £25 heading back my way.

Sky Mobile deal was the best I got

3GB data + unlimited calls + texts

£6 month (12m) with £45 cashback.

So a whole years phone usage for £27 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I bought a shark vacuum, so by this time next week my home will be free of sharks… :shark: :wink:


Is it a full sized one or a baby shark?


Baby shark? do doo do doo doo doo



I got a shark about 18 months ago, best vacuum I have ever had :+1:

I was very restrained this year, and only purchased things I was going to buy anyhow, just a few clothing items.

I picked up a new Sonos on the sale - about 25% off - which was mostly it.

Considering getting a 2nd to go with it… But that’s even less of a need than the 1st…

That’s the way to do it.

So for me, it was a new phone contract (last contract was also purchased as a Black Friday deal, I think - bonus rate was expiring soon at any rate, so needed to get ahead of that); another year’s subscription to Letterboxd; and a decent bluetooth speaker to replace a crappy non-bluetooth speaker (went for a Yoyo S from Cambridge audio).

Things I didn’t buy: a TV (LG had a good deal but ulimately I knew I’d regret buying it); a washing machine (we need one, but none of the ones we’ve been looking at had any reductions); tons of Blu-Rays (was sensible for once, BR deals are always rolling around anyway).

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I was supporting Buy Nowt Friday .



I got a tastecard for £29.99 (bought one as a Christmas present, then realised I should get one for me and my partner as it’ll save money :joy:)

Then some protein from My Protein with 45% off as I wanted some anyway.

I’m not a big Black Friday fan, as others have said - I don’t buy things just because they’re cheap.

However I do enjoy finding things I actually want/need on sale and this year that happened! I got my mum an Amazon Kindle Fire 7 for Christmas. £29.99, usually £49.99.

I also got a some shoes (vegan Gola Coasters) with £10 off. They’ll be replacing my worn out everyday Vans (bought in 2017) when the weather gets warmer and I’d had my eye on this specific style for a while. Not a huge discount but £10 is £10, so thought if I’ll be getting them anyway I may as well get them now. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ties in well with what @lpoolrob was saying, “If you don’t have the money, don’t buy it” isn’t a million miles from “Buy things you were going to buy anyhow.”

(I’m surprised Black Friday is even a thing now, TBH. Ever since Amazon first introduced it to the UK, it always struck me as insane - from a retailer perspective - that there’s all this focus on cutting prices before Christmas. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.)

Research recently came to a conclusion that only 1 in 20 black Friday offers were genuine deals where the price was actually lower than previously. Most are artificially increased to double before the discount which makes it appear like a bargain and the retailer makes a bit of extra profit.

A think a few billion will be spent too its all good from the retailers pov.

I recommend anyone try Camel Camel Camel to get an idea of what it should normally cost.


Oh and fakespot to see if it’s actually any good in the first place.