Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) and some confusion

My friend applied for his ILR a few months ago and today he received the BRP. However, his passport is nowhere to be seen. He had the blue British passport with definite leave to remain! He had to send that away when he applied for the ILR! However, the home office hasn’t sent him anything other than the BRP! Has anyone experienced this before? Looking online doesn’t seem to help much

  • Apparently you can’t travel for a year because you have to wait for the citizenship and naturalise?
  • Will the passport office send him a new passport or does he have to apply

It can take up to 10 working days but if it’s longer than that you can send this form off:

And you are free to travel with ILR:

So you reckon they will send a new blue UK passport with the ILR printed on it within the next 10 working days? Because the previous one of course expired as it only had a 5 year term on it!

I don’t get this :point_up_2:
Why they were applying for ILR when as you say had a British passport?

Not correct, you are able to travel but can’t be leave the UK for more than 90 days I think.

They will have to apply and can only apply after the citizenship ceremony.

Check the forum below, a lot of great advise there.

For the uninitiated, could someone explain BRP and ILR please?

BRP is Biometric Residence Permit:

ILR is Indefinite Leave to Remain

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He was given a ‘definite leave to remain’ status with a blue passport which has an expiry date. It’s given on a 5 year basis and once you near the expiry date, only then you can apply for an ILR. You need to apply for an ILR because otherwise you’ll end up staying illegally due to the expiry of the passport! Hence the confusion because the home office took his blue passport but however only provided him with the BRP (Biometric residence permit) and haven’t sent any other documents through. With the BRP you cannot travel, it’s merely a legal document to show that you’re legally allowed to remain and work in the UK indefinitely

You do travel with the BRP though - along with your own passport. So whatever nationality he is. He will have a passport.

I misread the original post. The BRP is essentially a long-term visa for the UK. You can come and go with the passport of your nationality and show the BRP at the UK border to prove you have right to enter and remain.

Nothing else will come back from the Home Office.

He basically was given the interim blue passport because he won an Asylum case 7 years ago or so! So this is what he used to travel with during the 5 years. So home office required this to be sent back, his original nationality passport was kept by the home office as it was not valid any longer. This is the difference here. So they have his original nationality passport which was sent to them many years ago along with the 5 year passport he had before applying to ILR


There is 6 different passport classes for a British passport giving you varied rights to travel and live in the UK. These classes are for the different types of citizenship. Some British passport holders do need a visa to enter the UK.

GBR - British Citizen (normal UK Passport)
GBD - British Overseas Territories Citizens
GBO - British Overseas Citizens
GBS - British Subjects
GBP - British Protected Persons
GBN - British National Overseas