Passport 'Meltdown'

I must have been lucky, didn’t face any issues with my renewal. Sent it at the beginning of February, with the new one arriving within 12 days.

I recall been quite surprised at the time as to how fast they had processed the renewal.

They said 10 weeks to me too late last spring, but received new passport within a week or so if I recall correctly

Mine expires in August, meaning I can’t go anywhere now pretty much :joy:

May renew and just see what happens.

I had to get mine in a sort of emergency in Feb, got it in 3 days via the in person pick up without issue. So for people who needed them urgently there was an option.

This is why you do what I did, and renew during the second lockdown (where foreign travel was not permitted).

New passport in 6 days.

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I’ve got to apply for a first passport for my youngest. I’m anticipating much fun ahead. But I’m not going to book my holiday until the passport is in my hand.


I think it is much quicker if you do everything online

Surely there would be some common sense that if your passport is out of date just wait to renew/receive the new one and THEN book the holiday to avoid cancellations.


If only everyone had common sense :eyes::joy:

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Well, my problem was that I didn’t realise my passport needed to have 6 months left to go where I was going. This is a requirement of a few European countries now and I think that’s what’s tripping people up, it’s easy to forget to check passport requirements for Europe - people still sort of assume it’s all ‘easy’

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Mate told me he made an application for 3 kids online, was told to send the countersigned pictures or whatever they ask for nowadays to 3 different passport offices, 1 came under two weeks, the other 2 he’s still waiting around 4 weeks now.

Oh definitely - I understand your situation my point was referring to people who are just leaving it to the last couple weeks to order a passport just because they didn’t feel like ordering it sooner. :see_no_evil:

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