Australian with UK residency denied Monzo account

My friend just moved to the UK from Australia and is living with me. She had residency confirmed before she even moved here and has the permit etc and meets the criteria to open a bank account. When she signed up, she accidentally said she wasn’t a UK resident and was automatically declined. She sent off an appeal and offered to send documents and anything needed for them to overturn the original decision but it was denied again without further discussion. This feels a little harsh IMO. Does anyone have any help/advice? Is this a dead end?

Hello! Has she emailed review@? Or some other email address?

The review one is the best place to start, then escalate to a complaint if not the outcome she was looking for.

That said, it is her responsibility to ensure that the application is filled in correctly. If on an ESTA application you accidentally tick that you’re a terrorist, I wouldn’t be surprised if the US never ever allowed you anywhere near their border either, however silly that may seem.


This is the end. The application has been reviewed.

I understand that could be the case, it just seems a harsh response to a mistake anybody could make. I just wanted to see if anyone had a similar experience with a successful ending :slight_smile:

Thank you. Yes, she has. Just seemed harsh to me. A shame for her, I really like Monzo myself and have recommended it to a few people!

It may not be the mistake; there may be another factor which led to them declining her.

Is her residence permit valid for at least two years?

OH was declined because of this. Even though she has ILR, her permit expiry is December next year.