Biometric login and transaction authentication is not enabling

Unable to enable biometric login and authentication.

Details to reproduce:
Open monzo app in Samsung Galaxy S21 and go to settings-> Privacy&Security-> enable biometrics for login and enable biometrics for authentication-> Logout and open the app again-> it does not ask for bio metrics but ask to enter the email id again.
Samsung Galaxy S21
App Version:


Everytime you log out you’re resetting the app. You don’t log out from it, just come out the app like you would any other without pressing log out.

So home button, other recent apps etc, when you go back to Monzo it’ll then want your biometric login to get back into the app. Sometimes it might not ask for biometrics if you’re literally flicking between screens back and forth, but after a few extra seconds it’ll then revert back to asking for them.

As mentioned above, logging out does exactly that.

If you’re looking to require biometrics when logging in, be sure to fully close the app (pressing the square looking icon on bottom of your screen and swipe up on the apps you wish to close fully).

When you re open the monzo app, you’ll be prompted for biometrics.

If you don’t fully close the app as above, going back to the app may not prompt your prints due to you not closing the app fully.

Moved this from bug reports as it’s not a bug if I read the first post correctly.

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