Logging in with fingerprint ID not working

Hi First post on here so be gentle! The app was working fine on my Samsung S8 phone but I’ve just swapped that for aS20FE. When I open the app I get the generic Monzo home screen asking if I’m new or already have an account. I click on the latter then it sends an email link and I have to click on this and enter my PIN. Once the app is open I change my settings to use biometrics by sliding the “buttons” across but there doesn’t seem to be an option to save these changes. When I log out the only way to log back in is through the email link again and the biometric settings are back to being off. What am I doing wrong??

Don’t know about the biometric stuff as not an android user; but don’t logout of the app as the only way back in is via the ‘magic’ email again.

So that part of the app is working correctly.

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As mentioned above. Don’t log out - you don’t need to.

Just close the app when you’ve finished, then when you re-open it you’ll be asked for your fingerprint.

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It’ll always reset to this if you actually log out of the app. As mentioned above, no need to log out, just close the app, when you’re done with it.

You’d need to force close the app, think samsung there’s an open app button at the bottom of the screen showing all your open apps?

Close the Monzo app, and should prompt on opening.

Dont even need to force close. If you minimise or switch to another app, when you return to Monzo it will prompt you for your fingerprint


Depends how quick you are, mine has a 10 second delay before it’ll ask for biometrics again.

Ah, shows how long it’s been since I had android (a year).

I think some apps on iPhone don’t prompt again instantly.

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Most don’t although a lot of apps now give options such as require it every time or only if you haven’t opened it after 30 minutes etc. i usally prefer to always require it. Even the notes app you can enable biometric ID for private notes.

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