Bills Pot Feed Tidy

Hi All,

It has been mentioned already as general feedback from a few people but it would be nice if the new bills pot withdrawal/paying looked a little nicer on the home feed similarly to round ups.

If you are like me and love the new bills pot but hate an untidy main feed then please feel free to vote for this idea.

Thought it may be better to create a feedback idea so that we can quantify to monzo how much it is wanted.

At the minute i have a few daily standing orders and things i dont want to use with bills pot just because it will double up the feed items

When you say ‘a little nicer’ can you expand on what you’d like to see? Genuinely curious.

Just a little icon like the round ups? or something else?

Yeah exactly like roundups would be ideal…

  • Logo of the pot possibly?
  • Sub section within transaction shows similar to roundup that money was taken from bills pot for this

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That is some top Snapchat skillz!


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Yes yes yes to this. I did mention it in a thread and someone from Monzo said it wasn’t priority which surprises me as tbh it’s looks a mess, especially for me with over 10 direct debits on one day.

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I think it works well because there isnt the complexity of roundups and this potential bills pot display ever clashing as far as i can see?

All my bills in direct debit/standing order form as far as i can see dont ever roundup? This the same for everyone else

Lots of direct debits out from bills pot today, and not liking the messy feed either, need to have a Avatar on the transaction icon to show which pot it was paid from, this is how round ups is done when you have a designated pot, I remember when coin jar was first released last year the feed was messy with the round up transaction also being in feed, that was cleaned up so fingers crossed!


When money is paid out of my Bills pot, I get a line item on the account page telling me so. I then get another one for the same amount saying that money has left my account. Essentially two notices of the same transaction.

Can we just simplify it to oneline, and use the Bills pot icon to denote where it came from?

I like the ‘double-entry’ as it gives a confirmation that the payment has in fact been covered by the pot.

D/D’s, SO’s & Scheduled/recurring payments that are assigned to be paid from a pot still come from your main account. Paid-from-pot simply deposits the same amount of money from the assigned bills pot into your main account to match the about-to-leave amount to make the payment.


You might want to check this thread… keep all votes together :joy:

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I get what you’re saying here, and I understand that the current system makes it clearer how bills pots actually work, but I would prefer one line if the system works as intended (i.e. transaction fully covered by bills pot) and a notification and/or clearable feed item if it has not worked as intended for whatever reason.


Ah thank you! Hopefully this will just fall by the wayside or at least, re-direct people there.

We’ll get one of the @coral-crew to sort it out for you.

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I hope some sort of tidy option can be found, a bit like the round up option where an icon indicates it’s been paid from a pot.

I get why some may like the double confirmation but for it make things look messy.


They’ve always said that this is their ambition for the future.

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Did they? :thinking:

They did :slight_smile:


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