Monzo Labs: Bills Pots 🍯

Hey everyone :wave:

We’re really excited to let you know that we’re ready to test Bills Pots! This’ll allow you to pay for direct debits (and soon, standing orders), right from a Pot of your choosing.

It’s available now on Android, and will be available for iOS on Tuesday.

What are Bills Pots?

Exactly what it says on the tin! You’ll be able to assign any direct debit to be paid from a specific Pot, rather than from your main balance.

Right now, we’ll only support direct debits from Bills Pots for now - but we’ll add standing orders soon.

When enabled, all you’ll need to do is head to the Scheduled section in your Payments tab, tap on a payment you’d like to move, then tap the Pot you’d like to pay from. Or, head to a Pot, and you’ll see the option to “pay a bill from this Pot”.

If you don’t have enough money in your Pot to cover the payment, we’ll take the money from your main balance. If you don’t have enough money in your main account, but do have an authorised overdraft, we’ll make the payment from your overdraft.

Before we release this to everyone, we need some willing testers! So, head to Labs in your Monzo app (by heading to your Profile, then tapping “Monzo Labs”), switch on Bills Pots, and test it out! It’s available on Android now, and will be coming to iOS on Tuesday.

We’ll be using this thread to gather your feedback, so if you come across any problems, or have any general feedback, please do drop your thoughts here!


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Great to see that this is finally in a wide scale test!

One question - I note if you don’t have enough in the Pot it’ll go to Main Balance, but will it pull whatever is in the Pot into the Main Balance first or is it “all or nothing”?


Well done :monzo: - this is what many have been after and might see more people move across to Monzo.

It won’t benefit me as I use summary and work off my left to spend but it’ll be good for those who summary doesn’t work for or feel they need more friction to keep thir money out of sight/reach :+1:

Edit: Actually there are some uses here I hadn’t originally thought of. Credit card repayments being one. I use my CC for work expenses and then move the amount into a pot when I get paid by my employer. I also have a car pot and have set my annual DD to come from there.

At first I was just thinking about monthly DDs but this does have some other good uses.


Set up all my DDs for CA and JA ready to go. Don’t have one for another 2 weeks so can’t feedback on that just yet but didn’t hit any issues setting up from either the pot page or DD page.

So one question I have… What order do things happen with regards to money movement?

If I set up a scheduled payment for £1200 to my bills pot on the 1st of the month, will that happen before direct debits are taken out on the 1st?


Great feature, so glad to see this in Monzo, thank you!

One question, I can enable this for most of my scheduled payments but I’ve noticed that with payments which Monzo defines as ‘Subscriptions’, I am unable to do this.

For instance, I can enable it for my direct debit payment for my mobile phone carrier but I cannot enable it for my Spotify or Netflix ‘subscription’.

Is there something I am missing or is this to come in a later update?


It will take all the money you have from the pot, move it into your main account, then the total of the bill will go out from your main account :tada:


Well done monzo this is awesome! Been wanting this feature for ages! Will have to wait until Tuesday as iOS! Thanks for your hard work guys :sunglasses::+1:

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Unfortunately we cannot have subscriptions come from a pot at this moment but it’s something we will look into in the future.


Ok, no problem. Thank you for the prompt reply.

That’s brilliant, so even if you are a few quid short, you can feel safe knowing you don’t need double if it all goes wrong!

Although I may not use it, this is an absolutely amazing feature - great work guys!


This looks excellent, and really nicely implemented (in terms of being clear and easy to see what’s going on). Look forward to the iOS release on Tuesday. :grin:


I am keen to understand how this will work too :slight_smile:

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Just switched it on and set up a few test direct debits to come from a “Bills” pot. Now I just have to wait until the 21st when my next direct debit goes out! :grinning:


Can anyone confirm that the Summary ‘Left to spend’ is is adjusted when assigning a DD from a Pot??

Not for the labs version but it will update for the final version :slight_smile:


So how does this work with statements? Does a statement output show just money moving to a pot and no bills going out? Or is this a pseudo pot of sorts and actually just a ring fenced area of the current account for visual/spending functionality purposes?

I know mortgage lenders like to have a good nosey through the transactions, and currently pots do not provide such functionality (would really love this though!).


Fantastic News! :partying_face:

Great news, I’m all set. I have one coming out tomorrow so will be able to see this in action sooner rather than later!

Looking forward to subscriptions getting added one day. :grinning: