Bill Pots Payments Clogging up Feed

I’ve had a quick look to see if this has already been posted but couldn’t see anything so apologies if it’s a duplicate.

I love the ability to pay from pots and have all of my bills coming out of one pot but I do not like it when a payment goes out, it has a credit for the amount in the main feed underneath the debit amount. On the 1st of every month, my feed is just clogged up with the name of the pot underneath each payment.

I thought it would make more sense next to the company name before the debit amount it just states “paid from…”. Or have it as an option?

It’s been mentioned quite a lot and it’s in the works to change.

If you have/have seen how a virtual card works, then there’s plans to have direct debits etc work in the same way.

But other than “soon” there’s nothing really else anyone knows.


Appreciate the reply, thanks Revels.


Yeah, that’s how the current incarnation of the mechanism works. Nothing is actually paid from your designated Bills pot(s). The payment is paid from your main account - but - just before it is, the same amount is transferred from your designated Bills pot to the main account. So the main account feed shows both the credit (moved from the pot) and the debit (outging payment) in the main feed. So the main feed does look cluttered, but is accurately showing what happened.

I personally like this mechanism. If for whatever reason you don’t have enough in the pot, the bill is still paid (assuming you have enough to cover the amount or shortfall in your main account)

I think once we have the ability to spend directly from pots (this does now work with Virtual cards on Plus/Premium) then the main feed will be decluttered. But then you’ll have at least 2 places to look for a transaction - was it done from the main feed or was it done from a certain pot? :man_shrugging:

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