Pots need development love


You cannot direct bill payments to a particular pot (via a dedicated virtual card number and bank account, because a DDs) and the fact the payments appear in the main feed (rather than within the pot screen)

This makes bill management hit and miss, so I have had to open a separate account with a different bank (cannot have two Monzo accounts) in order to manage my house bills properly

IOU/Payment Links to collect payments cannot be linked to a Pot – it needs to be manually managed to track IOUs etc.

I have to use Paypal Pools (when it was around) and apps like Collctiv to manage IOUs.

If feels like Pots has been lacking development love for a while, forcing me to move off-app to do basic functions.

Please can we:

  • Assign a Pot for where the money will go when collected when seeing up a Payment Link
  • Be able to hide/move transactions from the main Feed when they are Pot related (I don’t want to see a lot of ‘£100 from Bills pot’ ‘£100 Thames Water Bill’ transaction on the main feed – it becomes hard to track)
  • Be able to pay from pot using DD/bank details (to prevent bill payments being missed and charging the main feed).

The underpowered Pots stops me from upgrading from Monzo Basic, these features will make it worth upgrading…until then I’m having to slowly move more and more off Monzo to alternatives in order to manage my money.


It’s quite hard to understand what you mean at the top with the different quotes in places.

You can already do this? But you mean keep it hidden from the main feed?

There’s been talk of this, personally I don’t want it hidden like virtual card transactions are, some are for it, some are against. There’s various topics on it.

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Hey there!

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