Direct debit/standing order payments from pots

I have been paying my bills from a pot since I moved to monzo full time back in 2020. Usually I’d transfer in the money into the pot and all the transactions would occur in there. But recently this seems to have changed. Now my main account feed is just full of money being transferred back out of my pot and the actual direct debit/standing order transaction occurs in main account feed. Anyway to switch it back? I liked keeping it separate so I could keep an eye on scheduled payments vs card transactions easier

Nothing has changed, it’s always been like this.

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Hi Anthony, that’s normal behaviour and AFAIK always has been for bill pots.

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So odd. I distinctly remember seeing the direct debit being listed in the pots feed rather than the main account feed :woozy_face:

There is talk of it changing to the way you’re describing. So it might happen

I found this a little messy - I’d assume it’s possible to pay it direct from the pot as Rev do this with their pockets (DD & CPA).

Starling does it this way, and doesn’t move funds to your main balance pre debit.

I always thought it was how you described until recently I had the same confusion :sweat_smile:

I totally understand why it would be this way so you can see all the transactions in one account for mortgages etc etc. But I do definitely remember it showing the direct debit deduction from my bills pot up until end of last year. Thought maybe I’d changed a setting but maybe my app was just broken and doing something it shouldn’t have been doing :joy:

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It could still show up on a statement just under the pot section