One off large expense

I realise that there is a daily limit of £10,000 but I’m looking at purchasing a new car for £20,000 how would I do that from my Monzo account?

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If you contact COps in app they can arrange a temporary limit increase. At least 24 hours notice I think.


Great to hear, thanks.

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I did it a few weeks ago. I just ended up agreeing to pay half the money one day and the rest the next day - this not going over the £10000 limit. COPS did say that I could change limit but they needed 24+ hours and the details of the transfer.

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what details did they ask for?

these were the requirements I was told when asking to increase my limits to purchase a one off - it might have changed of course - easy to ask in app :slight_smile:



Same info requested from me.

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This information should probably be somewhere in the help section (I couldn’t find it).


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