Mobile Providers

Looking for a new sim only contract. Are there any challenger networks? Not after recommendations over the big existing networks or comments on signal in certain areas and so on.

I think while back I heard about a new network, but they did not provide 4G? If that was a real thing, who were they, and do they offer 4G now?

It might have been Zevvle which are an MVNO using EE -


I think there are only four networks; Three, Vodafone, O2, EE.

All others piggyback on those.

I use Smarty, which is owned by Three. They have an innovative charging structure which suits my needs.


Yes my bad - I mean service provider as opposed to physical network. Thanks for the recommendation.

What’s your average mins and data usage?

It varies, but I’m more interested in any innovative providers or pricing structures, over specific recommendations based on usage.

Might have been this thread I remember

Thank you!

As for recommends I was on idmobile on a £5mth for 3GB data, 500mins, unlimited txts. They kept on honouring this for years.

Now on a Sky Mobile 3GB data, unlimited calls, unlimited txts which is £6mth, but works out at £27 for the whole year factoring in £45 Quidco cashback.

I use Smarty but Zevvle sounds similar, but at a quick glance it looks like it’s a bit more expensive. But I would prefer to be on their EE network :thinking:

Edit: those are very good deals you’ve had :sweat_smile:

I did try and call up so see if they sky would honour the hidden £3 deal for the same as mentioned in the other sim thread, but they said try calling back as it isn’t in our system atm.

£3 x 12 = £36
Minus £45

= They pay me £9 for the year sounds like winning.

Worth keeping an eye on MSE but doesn’t look like any good deals atm

Every holiday period, they’ve increased the data by 1GB on this £6 plan, but you have to check for it and change your plan manually. About a week or so ago, they had, and may still have a data plan of 10GB for £10 per month which I switched to, so it’s worth checking the options from time to time too.

I personally love the piggy bank feature which is my primary reason for staying with them at this point.

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Zevvle is excellent if the EE network provides sufficient coverage for you (unfortunately it didn’t for me :sob:). Excellent, responsive company, and great app. Service was top notch.