Adding logos from brands w/o Twitter profiles

Argh! I just bought some snacks from Rail Gormet on the train, and sadly Monzo doesn’t have the logo (so I’m left with the ‘knife & fork’ associated with eating out. Normally I’d turn to Twitter to help Monzo get their logo (done this a couple of times) but Rail Gormet don’t have a Twitter profile…!!!

Would love to be able to add one from elsewhere, though I understand the square format is necessary - perhaps an ‘upload logo’ feature would be good, that makes me upload a logo from the web into a square template for submission??

I’d be interested to know how to update the icons. I currently have a purchase with the ‘Met Office’ with a ‘Post Office’ logo and all my NatWest transactions have the standard 'Blue Bulb.

Click on transaction
Select something wrong
improve name or location
Add details there, twitter is where logo comes from.

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@Seanfox the steps that Danny’s listed are available for iOS users.

The button to report incorrect logos is here in the app -


This option’s on the way for Android users, it’s on the roadmap here.

In the meantime Android users can suggest updates by messaging the support team, via the in-app chat.

Wait up, your Uber stll works??

Yes it does, I’ve never had any issues using it with them :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine was working since day one then last month it stopped working even via PayPal.

I E-Mailed them and said I’d used this card before and they didn’t care so now I have to use my old card :angry:

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I didn’t realise people had an issue with Uber and Monzo. Been using mine since end of 2015 with no issues. In fact, Monzo tells me how much the trip cost before Uber does!

I’ve not had any of my updated logos or merchant information improvements go through for a long time. Assuming it’s because they are focusing on current account launch.

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I’m really pee’d off about it tbh as all of a sudden it just stopped and I really needed an Uber at the time but my whole account was blocked and took 2 days to resolve.

Anyway this is the response:

We are sorry to hear that you have been experiencing an issue with your payment methods. We have reviewed this for you Danny and it appears that your payment method ending in: **** is prepaid. You are unable to use this payment method as prepaid cards are not accepted on the platform.

Prove them right - give them links to those posts and call their bluff! :smiley:

Guys, how about crowdsourcing logos from merchant’s Facebook page? Some of the merchants outside the UK and the EU are more reliant on their FB pages while their Twitter accounts are dormant.

That would be good & it was in Monzo’s plans a while ago.

It looks like Twitter is still the preferred option but they will use logos from other sources too now -

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Given Twitters move to circular profile pictures, is this under review?

Absolutely ludicrous admitting this, but it speaks volumes about the quality of the product - missing logos in my feed is my largest gripe currently!


Picture maybe circular on profile but is still actually square.