Why have both options?

When you submit the option to improve merchant info you have the below options


This is the 1st one ‘Improve the name or location’, note the Twitter part


This is the ‘Suggest a logo’ option, note it is Twitter


Why not just have it all in the first one instead of both at it’s rather pointless if you populate all fields in the first option then do it again in the second.

Ok might have to just have to do the logo but surely this part could be made better?


It’s little different at Andriod App. ‘Improve the name or location’ goes to Google map search for the location instead of options to type manually.

Logo suggestion option is for twitter only.

Yeah the Google option comes up on actual card transactions


This how these options are on Android for direct debits, I agree with you they could just have one option to deal with both location, logo etc…


Also why are the Facebook and website details being asked for when they aren’t even shown?

They’re used to get the logo & location.

That’s what the Google and Twitter option is for though.

I think/hope that Monzo are building up merchant details so that eventually they can show information like website, etc for online merchants.

There was further discussion as to what people wanted to see. Though we’re almost two years on from those comments, maybe @hugo could provide an update? :pray::wink:


n.b. the contents of submitted “Merchant’s Twitter account” fields are handled manually - in another thread I was told Twitter is preferable but I could put in a full Facebook or Instagram URL and they would scrape the logo from there too - and I did both and it worked! So I think both of these pages need a bit of UX love

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I just find the whole crowdsourcing merchant information frustrating. I get that it isn’t a high priority but when you submit the same information for 1 merchant over a few months and it’s not updated that’s pretty frustrating.

I think it would be good to add a rough estimate to how long it’ll take to correct this info


Agreed, I am always doing it.

Sometimes one will get done and the rest don’t, if I did it at the same time surely it would be next…


Thanks for the feedback! It does feel a bit like getting two controls to complete the same action, though it is worth clarifying that they do two different things. In the add info screen the @handle is used to gather metadata from the merchant, and in the suggest a logo it is so that we can pull that avatar directly from the handle. However, these things overlap a bit awkwardly, this screen hasn’t been updated in some time and it’s worth us revisiting it to make it clearer. Cheers!