Been verified, now stuck on loading page in the app after choosing premium acct


Ive signed up this morning with monzo, I was verified and then it asked me to choose what sort of account i would like. I chose the premium acct and now im stuck on the screen sayiny ill need to first add money to my account to pay for my subscription. I press accept and its then stuck on a blank page with a small loading circle. Ive tried uninstalling many times, ive tried on wifi, ive read the help pages, but nothing relates to my specific issue. Ive emailed monzo with screem shots, but im aware it will take a while to hear back from them and something is telling me its got to be a simple fix, but not sure exactly what to do. Does anyone have any ideas please? Ive uploaded 2 screenshots of the pages which im stuck on below

Hi, beyond the obvious nobody here can help you.

Delete the app, restart your phone, reinstall. See what that does. Otherwise you’ll need to email

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