App stuck

My app is stuck on the registration page - trying to upgrade my account and need to update my details to do so. I’m trying to click ‘Get started’ but it’s not working. This has been happening since yesterday. Very frustrating as I really want to order my new card.

I have an iPhone X and the app version is 3.84.0

Please see screenshot attached. Any ideas of how I can fix this? I’ve tried deleting the app and reinstalling, turning phone on and off again, tried resetting session but nothing is working.

I’ve emailed and no reply either.

I don’t remember that page, but have you tried clicking into each section? Can you scroll any further?

That’s the onboarding page for when signing upto an account I did it recently when I came back to monzo

That’s what I thought, but OP mentions upgrading?

I had an account but a while ago so I need to supply all relevant info again as though I’m signing up to a new account. This is the onboarding page - I can’t scroll up or down or click into any of the sections.

Did you close the old account?

I just pressed the getting started button and it took me through the steps

I didn’t close the old account.

The page is completely frozen. Doesn’t give me an option to do anything.

Ok so when you say you are trying to upgrade your account was it one of the old prepaid card accounts or was it the current account?

If it’s the first you will probably have to wait for Monzo to get back to your email, it might take a few days

If it’s the latter then just try and log in

Who told you this?

Normally you can get an old account reinstated by contacting Monzo directly.

Edit: Also, what @rat_au_van said.

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If you didn’t close your account, it should still be active and you can just login. No need to apply.

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I just had the same issue. Signed up fro Monzo ages ago but didn’t proceed because back then waiting times for the cards were too long and I went with Revolut instead.

Now wanted to sign up again with same email address I used in the past but doesn’t matter if I chose register or login Monzo would recognise that I had an account and prompted me to go through the same process as the OP.

First time it got stuck on Get Started as well. After deleting the app and trying again I went all the way to the “your identity” step but then it got stuck again. Re-trying a few more times never got me as far anymore.

In the end I used a second email address to create a new profile and with that it worked!

conclusion: reviving an old account seems to crash the app along the verification process