Face cooler

It’s so hot… I can’t stand the heat.
Looked in amazon and found this. And ordered it… Any one else use it? Apparently its ment to have 6 hr battery life

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Looks to me like the kind of plastic crap that’ll be floating in an ocean within a year.


Perfect way to blast germs and disease into your nose and mouth :+1:

Stick a bottle of water (cheapest 500ml drink bottle you can get from your local supermarket, say) in the freezer. Once frozen, take it out and hold it against your the insides of your wrists. That works for me.

Cheap tat. Not sure what will happen first; you getting annoyed with it or it breaks.

Wear it while having soup

I bet the outcome will be hilarious


They seem to be marketed to wear while you’re working out, are they not going to flap around and smash you in the face? Like the person in the image who is doing sit ups? Or if you was to run with them on?

I found the item below:

Last year my partner got one as a joke present from his colleagues as he’s always complaining about the heat on the hospital ward. He tried it out a couple times and it’s naff. Puffed a little air in his direction and fell off if bent down. I would avoid getting one.

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I wonder if you can remove the speed limiter, like some people do with electric bikes, and use it to fly?


This arrived today. Pretty powerful the fan is…

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