Late October sun

Hi all.
I’m looking to get away for a bit of sun in late October with my wife and 4 young boys.
I’m looking g for any suggestions on where to go that won’t break the bank too much.
Also if anyone has or knows anyone who has a villa/holiday home somewhere that they would let us utilise for a little holiday it would be nice ( cheeky ask I know but of you don’t ask you don’t get)
Thanks in advance for any help.

Look at Budapest, or Krakow? Still low 20s/high teens?

Will give it a look. Think the long haired general wants a beach though :joy::joy:.

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I’m off to Cyprus should be warm enough

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Costa del Sol should be warm, Sandy, and cheap. And a bit boring.

Haha costa del sol we looked at not my cup of tea.
I’ve got 4 young boys my life is never boring :rofl::rofl:

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I think with young children I’d opt for canaries as it’s likely to be cheaper whilst your there unless your going AI - then I’d try southern Turkey as it will be warm but cheap.

The Canaries or Cyprus are probably going to be the most expensive option at October half term - as they are the destinations which are likely to be the warmest.

Maybe have a look at Crete, Rhodes, Kos or somewhere on the Turkish coast.

Think we are going for the week after half term and taking the hit on the fine as it is cheaper than the extra cost for the holidays in half term

So we settled for the algarve for the firs week of November.