Barclays Outage has made me homeless!

(Is Santa here yet?) #41

So they shouldn’t have any coffee shops on a feed because it would save money if you brought a flask with you?

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #42

I covered the “it’s just a mock–up” point in my original comment.

(Alex Sherwood) #43

So your answer to Emma’s question is “yes”?

(Gareth) #44

So we have a loan of £500, let’s say for plumbing services, and a holiday in 2019 of £500. You may have calculated you need to save £x per month to afford the trip (and for this scenario, let’s say it’s a life event that shouldn’t be skipped). You are inevitable to take the loan out, or drop the plumber or the life event, so why does the timing matter on the loan?

As in if you used holiday savings and end up taking the loan later, using your savings now is a moot point (and you no longer have savings to choose to prioritize). I know it’s not best practice, you could say you can’t afford it, try to save more etc. but I don’t think having a loan while holding savings is a necessarily bad thing.

(Andre Borie) #45

I think you’re looking to much into it. This is a screenshot which aims to demonstrate all the possibilities of the UI; intentionally hiding some elements would be counter productive.


I agree. I mean, I’m sympathetic to @j06’s position, but ultimately the design it meant to show - specutively (sic?) - how different elements fit together.

As it’s all make believe, I’m choosing to imagine that it’s a new offset loan product that only charges interest when you don’t have an equivalent amount in other Pots. :wink:

(Dan Mullen) #47

Hmm, I don’t think that design makes it any easier to find the “Limits” screen. For me, it shouldn’t be anywhere near the card functions. Yes, it covers ATMs and debit card spending but it also covers bank transfers, and cash deposits.

It would be much more suited to the account details screen IMHO.


I’d imagine it’d be in the My Account tab on that mock up. But we won’t really know until it ships!


That new UI looks pretty good, Recchan seal of approval that everyone clearly wanted.

I’m not sure how ethics has to come into a UI mockup? I know the point has been said 50x over now but - how do you show someone what credit looks like without showing them an example of it.

If you want Monzo to stick by their ethics then you should condemn them offering credit (which hits the people struggling the most anyways) and not criticise UI mockups.

(Dan Mullen) #50

It’s currently hidden under “Manage Card”, so I was presuming you would hit the “Manage” button. Hopefully they look at making it more intuitive.

(Thomas Horne) #51

I’ve had three days in a row with which I’ve had issues with Barclays; the first was because of the O2 network issues. (I couldn’t login to use contactless mobile, my fault I should carry the card too.) I also payed cash in within a branch that took hours to appear.

On the second day contactless mobile failed a few transactions and today I can’t easily use cash machines with CS not caring to look into it (two different machines and the second being a Barclays machine.)

I’m not impressed; surely Barclays should be able to at least see why the ATM transactions failed and then suddenly worked!?

Also, contactless mobile should be able to be verified without a data connection when Google Pay can be used without connection after a reboot! I feel no one really thought it through.