Barclays Outage has made me homeless!

(Hugh Wells) #21

We can accepted CHAPS but not make outbound CHAPS :+1:

(Andre Borie) #22

So much for legacy rust being apparently more reliable… :joy:

(Thomas Horne) #23

Some of the rust just fell off. :rofl:

(James Murray-Ferris) #24

Apparently payments are now being processed. Lets see how long it takes for Barclays to get through a whole days worth of transactions! Apparently I’ll only know when my monzo makes the money sound as his going home but the payments are all queued


Thanks Hugh. Can you make six-figure bank transfers out? I can’t actually see the limits in the app any more…?

(Hugh Wells) #26

Yup, but you’d need to contact COps so we can look into this :blush:

(Thomas Guthrie) #27

Any downside to not having access to outbound CHAPS?


Cool. Am I right in saying the limits are no longer visible?

(Dan Mullen) #29

They’re sort of hidden away - one of my main gripes with the app.

Account -> Manage Card -> Limits


Ah thanks!

(James Murray-Ferris) #31

16:55 the payment cleared! 5 minutes before the cut off for it to have been Monday…what a stressful day

(Gav) #32

Glad you got sorted! Enjoy the weekend of heavy lifting! :joy:


Hopefully the new screen recently teased on Making Monzo will make this easier:

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #34

Tsk. Taking a loan, at a cost, when you have money in the bank, earning zero interest. Terrible money management Monzo.

OK so that comment is (partially) tongue–in–cheek.

But there is a serious point. I’ve been very impressed with Monzo’s ethics, and dedication to empowering people to manage their money better. But that ethical approach has got to run through the whole company. Screenshots like this, even if they’re just mock–ups, normalise this type of behaviour and send mixed messages to those who may not understand it’s always better to use savings instead of taking out debt, when the debt costs more.

I raised this once before and got slapped down with a “the designers just did a quick mock–up, it means nothing” but it’s a shame that Monzo works hard on taking an ethical stance in most communications, and with tone of voice, but sections of the company are apparently allowed to ignore this company stance and send out subliminal messages like this without anyone apparently stopping to think “Is this actually the right message? Is it totally on–brand?”

Maybe pass screenshots through some sort of quality control, like you would tone of voice?


Generally agree with what you are saying, but how could they show how it looked otherwise?

If you are taking a loan as a last resort, the rest of the numbers would say zero.

Likewise, if you have money in savings, your loan figure would say zero.

I’m guessing that may confuse things a little more when it comes to the screenshots?

But I often see one thing, and other people see it differently (if it said zero, I’d personally still get this gist!)

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #36

I think if you’re demonstrating that page, you shouldn’t include a loan on it.

I think it’s better to normalise good money management, even subliminally, than simply demonstrate everything the app can do.


Oh, so you think it shouldn’t be there full stop?

Or it just shouldn’t make it into the marketing?

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #38

I think Monzo’s ‘tone of voice’ should extend to principles such as “don’t demonstrate debt which costs, and savings at 0% together” because it’s unethical for a bank to lend to someone who has savings. (Mortgages, and a few niche examples notwithstanding.)

You either demonstrate an app’s features with savings, or loans, but never together.

This should extend across the whole company, like tone of voice currently does, even to rough and ready mock–ups by Making Monzo designers. If designers contradict this kind of ethical stance, they just undo the good work put in by (for example) @brenda in communications with the great blogposts.

For designers, their ideas should always be filtered through Monzo’s ethics, which should be paramount.

(Only available in amateur ) #39

It’s just showing how all those elements would look together on the screen, not issuing financial advice

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #40

That’s my entire point. They shouldn’t just demonstrate stuff (edit: for stuff read ‘the bank’s own products) without thinking “Is this something which might inadvertently encourage poor money management?”