Barclays Mortgage refusing Monzo

Out of interest, are you going via a mortgage Broker, or direct?

When I had a Halifax mortgage (4 years ago) I provided PDFs from Barclays. When I did our mortgage application with HSBC (18 months ago) I did the same. You’re not the first I’ve heard say that their documents weren’t accepted without being officially stamped, but it just seems odd.

I did a mortgage with Halifax a few months ago. They accepted pdf statements from the banking app I use (Starling).

I went via a broker, who said it was supposedly Halifax not accepting the pdf version. However, these were pdf statements from NatWest (my main bank at the time) - so this wasn’t an issue with Monzo. Rather that I could imagine Monzo doing the mortgage application process very well, cutting out the broker.

This is odd - I recently got an offer via a broker for a Halifax mortgage and only ever provided PDF statements for my Monzo accounts…

Perhaps it depends on the LTV and the perceived level of risk from the application, eg if you are right up at the top end of what you can afford, and after 95% mortgage they might be stricter than a mortgage for 50% LTV you can afford many times over

I think it more likely to do with individual brokers, and the things they know that work. They want to do the least work possible, so if they know that a bank will accept notarised statements that’s what they want.

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It looks like some people are able to setup their DD with Barclays. I’m wondering if it’s the case that they have 2 systems, an internal one that is used by the employees to start a new mortgage and the customer-facing one that you can use after becoming their customer. With the internal one (probably being very old) not being able to handle Monzo accounts yet.

I’ve also had two bad experiences with my Monzo account recently:

  • My local water provider doesn’t allow me to set up direct debt with Monzo.
  • When trying to top up a Vodafone SIM card I got “charged” on my Monzo card twice but their system failed to recognise the payment, it worked when I tried with another credit card (same issuing entity).

Honestly, the only way to actually try to fix the problem where it exists - were it me as the Barclays customer - would be to raise a formal complaint (“I wish to make a complaint”) with Barclays about their system being out of date, or their staff not being appropriately trained, and how their systems or training failure - whichever it may be - added wholly unnecessary stress to what is already a complex, long, and stressful process.

If indeed Barclays is unable to originate Direct Debits against Monzo rather than merely mistaken, I should also express my surprise and disappointment about this given it is my understanding that they are obligated (the word “must” is used) under the Clearing Codes Rules to keep their list of sort codes up to date weekly and given Monzo has had their sort code for years, at this point there would appear to be no discernible reason other than either incompetence or anti-competitive behaviour for a Direct Debit Originator to not be able to accept correctly formed Direct Debit instructions naming Monzo as the customer’s bank.

I would also express that it is not fair nor reasonable to put the burden on the customer to “find another bank” whether or not this was expressly advised by Barclays staff rather than merely implied by their refusal to process the direct debit instruction when in fact the only correct response when the sort code was confirmed to be correct was to ensure that Barclay’s systems were immediately brought up to date.

Of course this requires people to put effort in to make complaints - usually after they have solved their immediate pain point as you have - but if you did it you stand the best chance of making things easier in future if not for you, then for others.


I also have Mortgage set up with Barclays using DD from our Joint Account and it’s working fine for about a year. In the beginning, they were confused about the pots and how the money is organised but that was before they approved our application. The problem is probably with Barclays tech or with the person sitting in front of the monitor entering numbers :smile:

I can guarantee they get the feed from VOCA weekly.


I can’t comment on dd but don’t get any issues with faster payments to/ from monzo to Barclays

Id certainly complain, express your dissatisfaction, the distress it is causing you through your house purchase, their failure to provide a service (not accepting your payment details), go in to detail about time specifics, dates, be clear and thorough.

Also throw in the fact you’d prefer this to be resolved with Barclays, but won’t hesitate to take this to the ombudsman.

I did exactly this with them a year ago and got £400 compensation, albeit a different matter.

Top tip: Save yourself future stress and just avoid Barclays.

Hate is a strong word, but from multiple experiences over the years, I can honestly say that Barclays is the only financial institution that I hate, and I have a story about mortgages…

We went to a broker for our mortgage, but it was our first home, and we didn’t have a big enough deposit for most houses we were looking at, so we only had 2 choices really which were both those ‘Lend a hand’ type mortgages where our parents could put up some money in a savings account to temporarily cover the deposit deficit. In hindsight, we should have applied to the banks direct, but instead we carried on with the broker who applied to Barclays on our behalf, and we were declined at the initial stage by Barclays (the stage before actually fully applying). I asked the broker if he could send through the forms he submitted to Barclays, and having read through them he had messed up the form completely (he had put our wages through as a totally different amount to what they were, considerably less)

I raised this with the broker, and his response was “oh yeah, Barclays online forms for brokers are terrible and you have to put things in an odd way for it to work”. Couldn’t fathom out why this was rejecting though - our credit scores were fantastic (high 900s, and we had no debt, good paying jobs etc)

So we decided to sack off the broker and go direct. Booked an appointment in branch with a mortgage advisor, went in, and decided that it would be upfront and honest to admit that we had technically already applied, but the form was submitted incorrectly. So we sat down, and the second I told him that, he literally sighed, closed the lid of his laptop, and sat there with folded arms.

He told me there was no point in applying because it would be no different. I hadn’t even gone into detail about what was wrong on the form that was submitted. He said that the rejection was probably due to our credit score. I showed him proof that our credit scores were fine, but he was not interested.

Anyway. Went over the road to Lloyds, who were lovely. Applied. Got accepted. The mortgage advisor at Lloyd’s said that Barclays must have been idiots as our scores were very high (Can’t remember what it was, but it had an ‘A’ in it for sure, ‘A’ something or other!)

So yeah. I say screw em. There’s other banks who will take Monzo… Lloyds do for one!

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I moved my banking from Barclays to Abbey National back in whenever when I discovered that they were supporting the apartheid regime in South Africa, so may I be the first to welcome you to the Vendetta Against Random Corporations Club?

You might want to also consider Currys PC World. I haven’t bought anything from them since an employee tried to mislead me back in 1980, when they were Dixons.


With you on this one. Not from 1980 mind you. More 2002 but same outcome. Refuse to go there for anything.