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I’ve been having quite a bit of difficulty in getting a financial services company to make a payment into my Monzo account. It’s gone on for months, involved quite a few phone calls, signed evidence of the account etc. Their excuse - Monzo isn’t a bank; it’s an ebanking company. I have been told it’s resolved and payment is on the way but I haven’t received it yet. I have raised a complaint with this financial services company and did flag this to Monzo a few months ago.
I would have thought Monzo could pick this up with well known companies like the one I’m dealing with,
on a collective basis as it can damage customer confidence.
Anyone else had this issue or have any advice for me.


It crops up from time to time. Email with all the details.


you could tell them to look on the Bank of England regulated banks list - they at least should know who is and who isn’t a regulated Bank , even if the financial service company you are dealing with dont , they have even made it easy and put it into alphabetical order :slight_smile:

edit list -as at June 2020

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You need to formally complain to the financial services company involved. You need to supply the evidence that Monzo is a bank (links to the Bank of England (posted by @iansilversides above) and Financial Services Register quoting reference number etc). Demand that they return your money to the account involved. If they don’t do it still, ask for a letter of deadlock and take your case to the Financial Ombudsman service. It should be an easy win. as @Anarchist suggests is a route but I feel you need to move your complaint on with that financial services company.


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