Barclays deactivated my debit card

I went to a Barclays branch to transfer money to my Monzo account and I received a text from Barclays telling me that my debid card has been temporarily deactivated to prevent fraudulent activity. I haven’t received the money into my Monzo account yet. I called Barclays about my card and they asked me to go tomorrow (Saturday) to a Barclays branch because apparently they can’t do it by phone. When I went to the branch to transfer the money I was asked the seucurity questions. Why did they decide to deactivate my card if I was askes all these questions? What if I’m abroad and my debit card is deactivated and I’m not able to go to a Barclays branch? Did this happen to you before? I’ts my first time with Monzo and I’d appreciate any help
Thank you!

It sounds like the money hasn’t even left Barclays yet, so unfortunately you’ll need to speak to them - it doesn’t sound like a Monzo thing. :frowning:

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I transfer from Barclays all the time without a problem via their app. Maybe something different if you go into branch :thinking:

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Are you still able to log into Mobile/Online Banking?
If you are, maybe check your transactions list to see whether the transfer has been initiated on their end.

I’ve never used the online banking

Monzo seems to be triggering an awful lot of fraud checks. Lloyds did it to me recently

Maybe that’s why cash deposits have recently landed :thinking::joy:

I’d be worried if I were Monzo, that they constantly get flagged.


I guess it’s a consequence of having a fairly easy and quick sign up process. There’s almost bound to be a somewhat higher proportion of fraudsters attempting to open accounts.


But surely the other banks shouldn’t care unless they’re seeing a greater rate of fraud relating to transfers to/from Monzo? (Maybe they are?)

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Maybe they are, as you say.

If true, I’d expect that they’d have a duty to at least try to protect their customers from fraud.

Also, we have to remember that we hear about the Monzo-related cases because this is the Monzo Community. I recently transferred to my own NatWest account (to meet switching bribe conditions), and Lloyds blocked my interest banking access as a result until I called them.


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