Lloyds the Monzo-buzzkill

I was excited when my preview CA debit card arrived this morning; I was online funding it from a Lloyds account before I’d even opened the Amazon parcels that also came.

Your payment was declined - call some number.

After spending a while on the phone with their fraud prevention department, I not only still have an empty balance in my Monzo account, but I’m now locked out of Lloyds internet banking until I visit a branch ‘at my earliest convenience’ with photo ID.

Even without being accustomed to branchless photo-verify-in-app Monzo, I call that a bit bloody inconvenient.


I’ve seen this mentioned before - I can’t find the threads so it must have been on Slack, apparently you’re not the first it’s happened to. They may have flagged Monzo as a money laundering target.

Edit: Found the discussion there - https://monzodevelopers.slack.com/archives/C0XALTCUX/p1501676665882294



They should come clean on this.


Typical Lloyd’s, would be interesting to see their rationale…

Just an FYI. I funded my Monzo current account via TSB just fine yesterday.

RBS card loads perfectly - even better with Apple Pay. Instant credit. Monzo is amazing. Love it!!!IMG_0988

I successfully transferred from Halifax (part of Lloyds Banking Group) to Monzo Current Account without a hitch yesterday.

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Initially I had some trouble sending money from Halifax which blocked payments to Monzo but after a call and explaining what Monzo is, they told me that’s now ok and should not see a problem again

I have had no problem with Lloyds, bar the fact the in branch BACS won’t accept the sort code (if you get this, ask them to put it through on the “multi channel” system - can still be done in branch).

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I had my BoS card blocked for fraud after topping up my prepaid monzo but was resolved after a call. Then again I had the same thing happen at an Apple store so I don’t think it’s monzo-specific.

Not seen any issues with Halifax so far.

My ApplePay with Lloyds has been blocked recently and it’s still not unlocked. Lloyds saying it’s Apple and nout they can do.

How would it be Apple? I’ve not heard of Apple themselves blocking payments or having anything to do with fraud - that’s down to the banks.

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And to be honest, I doubt Apple would have any legal reason to be handling the data that they would require to approve or block transactions. That should pretty much go straight back to the payment network, then to your bank.

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I activated my new CA card yesterday and have since transferred from Lloyd’s without any issue.

It is just Lloyds if it is the bank…the insurance entity is Lloyd’s

Well, clearly talking about the bank here… Auto correct added the




[They] detected malware on [my] laptop

More likely, I blocked whatever dodgy malware detection scripts they try to load, and that got fed back as a detection.

Odd it’s the first time, but whatever. (This is a pretty fresh install, I’m about as positive as one can be that it was a false positive.)

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