Barclaycard transactions won’t update

Good afternoon

Around two weeks ago my Barclaycard account stopped pulling through to the Monzo app on my iPhone. I’ve tried everything I can think of to remedy this including deleting and reinstalling the Monzo app and deleting and reinstalling the Barclaycard app, re-adding my Barclaycard account etc etc etc but nothing seems to work. Please see the screenshot below for the error I get (it says the account was past refreshed 20 hours ago but this is incorrect, that’s just the last time I tried). This is extremely frustrating as this is one of my main cards and I moved to Monzo to track my spending which I can’t now do. Any help would be much appreciated.



For specific help regarding your account it might be quicker to use the in app help. It’s also possible that the problem lies with Barclays, though.

Working OK for me but have had some issues fetching Barclaycard transactions with Emma, who told me that the issues were at Barclaycard’s end.

Cheeky flag of @tjvr - but sadly I think you’ll have to report it via the app. Be persistent!

Hi all,

Thanks for your replies so far, I will report via the app and let you know how I get on.



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I had similar with amex. Logout, clear app cache, login again and check if that helps?

Thanks xnox, unfortunately that didn’t solve it

Hey Will,

This will be an issue with the data we receive back from Barclays when we request your transaction data. If you get in touch with support in-app they can escalate this to us and we can have a look :slightly_smiling_face: