3DS SMS Authentication

I was just paying off my Credit Card and stumbled across this which is new to the whole 3DS sphere and thought it was interesting enough to share as I had never seen it before today


No I havent seen it done by a text before either - it has always been a confirmation notification in the app

I know there was talk of a new version of 3DS being rolled out but not sure when that was

Yeah, I’ve always had confirmation in App. So I thought it was interesting enough to screen cap it

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Depending on the merchant or in this case bank, they can allow or not allow the authentication to be redirected to Monzo’s app or have it Text based. Amex does this, every time I pay off my Amex account it has been text based authentication instead of app based (when it was still in the testing phase on Monzo’s end Amex had it redirecting to Monzo’s app like normal, then Amex changed their policies or something and now it’s text based.

I asked in the in-app chat when this changed over on the Amex app a while ago :ok_hand:t2:

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Huh, that’s really interesting. I wonder if it’ll become the standard for financial transactions i.e paying bills etc

I always get this when paying my barclaycard. All other transactions require in-app auth.


It will eventually, regardless of what you’re paying. The cost of paying a 3rd party to do SMS and voice integration authentication far outweighs the costs involved in investigating fraudulent transactions. We do a number of these for a couple of other banks, and I’ve experienced it when paying for things online for a few credit cards and 1 other bank I use.

Yeah especially with FCA finally clamping down on Push fraud etc. What I meant more was how it when to SMS rather than In app authorisation

Monzo are making this decision based on whether the app approval method (versus text) will work eg. some merchants you can’t switch to the Monzo app to approve the 3DS transaction without the merchants app timing out or cancelling the original transaction. Using SMS instead gets around that problem.


Oh :exploding_head: that would make sense

Funny enough I used this today! Got the usual push notification for 3D Secure but when I clicked the link and went into the app to approve it, nothing showed up. After getting bored of waiting, I saw the SMS option and completed it and the order went through all ok :slight_smile:

(FYI, iOS, Ocado Checkout).

I’ve always done sms authentication since it came out. Some automatically chose that option for the reason given above

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I’ve had both now.

Sometimes I’ve seen the 3DS screen flash up and auto approve without me needing to do anything :confused:

I’ve had that and the merchant data being slightly off as well

I used SMS for the first few times after the in-app option flamed out twice with the Scottish Power website. Been back using the app recently though with success

Was going to mention the bit about SMS for some sites for switching reasons, but already covered above

Old, but relevant:

When your credit card provider doesn’t like you leaving the app, we ask you to approve the payment by text instead

You told us that for some credit card providers, leaving the app was causing the payment to fail. When you try to make payments to those card providers and they fail, we’ve made sure that we ask you to approve the payment by text instead.


I’m having an issue recently with these SMS codes.

Before, I could always use the SMS autofill option on iOS to quickly fill out the code, but recently this has been lost and I have to manually put the code in.

Not sure whether this is a problem with iOS 13, Amex app or Monzo 3D Secure, but I’ve been able to use the autofill for other things, so might be a 3D secure issue?