Banned From Amazon Reviews

No idea why - other than the fact I always leave a review after purchasing my items ? All of my reviews are positive and 4* and 5*

Reading about it, it’s happened to others who like to review. Mainly because of " bots " auto-detecting spam.

Has this happened to any of you ?

I very rarely leave a review. Are all of your reviews short and similar?

I only ask as I suspect that might be something an algorithm would look for.

Can you appeal?

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Without being rude your posts on here are very short and vague, so if you’re doing the same for all of your reviews then you will most certainly have tripped a flag. The system will think that you’re a bot for posting low quality content and thus you get banned.

We have systems like this on all the websites our company manages.


It does say you can email them, so I have. I only write reviews to help with the community over there.
On reddit there are others who have had the same

Yeah my reviews are never paragraphs long but I tend to include a picture and a line or two of writing.

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Please tell me you always say “The package arrived on time and was delivered to my door professionally.”


That will be it then and I wouldn’t hold your breath for getting unbanned, Amazon are too big to care so it’s not worth the effort to verify you’re a real person and that you won’t do it again.

Bots leave loads of short reviews that all follow a similar structure, like “Monzo is great, highly recommend” because it’s not possible for them to leave unique critical reviews for every single product.

In the future if you’re going to leave one, explain the pros and cons and be descriptive.


Ah fair enough :slight_smile:

I basically presume all reviews are fake on Amazon anyway. Even the ones with pictures and more writing are often written by someone who has been given the product for free.


Oh yeah definitely. Especially the ones which have paragraph after paragraph going out of their way explaining how benevolent and honest the company is lol.

If I see something on Amazon and it’s sold elsewhere or it’s popular I usually do lots of research into buying anything from there.

I’m yet to buy anything off Amazon which has let me down however

If it’s a well known brand like Corsair for example then it’s fine. It’s the small chinese companies churning out fake knockoffs which you have to look out for.

Plus you know that with Amazon, you can return it for a refund incredibly easily. So I just gamble on it rather than trust paid for reviews!


Come to think about it. 99% of my " Reviews " are more like Feedback.
I.E - Works well, happy with the item etc.

I’d understand if all my reviews were for one company, but they’re all completely different.

Anyhow i’ll see what they say as i’ve now emailed them.

I covered that in the last message I wrote and you even liked it :see_no_evil:

If you’re now asking this it’s clear that you didn’t read or understand it. Which part would you like me to elaborate on?

This thread delivered everything I expected. Four stars.


Yes its happened to me also, I didn’t affect my amazon account in any way apart from me being able to leave reviews and ask community questions about products.

Its a pain as I was within the top 100 list of UK amazon reviewers

This thread delivered everything I expected. Four stars.


Best comment ever. 1 star.

I see so many glowing reviews and 1 star left :rofl:


I never read any reviews from Amazon. It’s well known that they’re not exactly reliable in any shape or form.

Everything I expected was delivered by this thread. Four stars.

The underwear was washed to eBay standards. 5 stars.

Wait… wrong site… :flushed:

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I usually have the opposite problem, Amazon rejects my reviews for being too honest.