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Hello, I made a money transfer with Transferwise to my Monzo app, but this amount is not on my current account, how can I move it to my current account please?


If the money is not in your Monzo account then it hasn’t made it to you yet.

When did you make the transfer? Check with Transferwise for how long it should take and double check you got the account details correct.

It looks like you spent most of it at Currys PC World


That’s because you’ve spent most of it.

From the top of that screen, pull down or swipe across to the right, have you put any of it into a pot?

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No, this is impossible because I have transferred 800€ = 716 pounds to my Monzo account, and I didn’t touch any pound of this amount !!

I have paid my computer from Currys with my first amount of money (first money transfer with Transferwise was 500€) since I have started to use the Monzo app, but now I would like to have access to my money…

Melissa Belliche

Monzo’s balances tally. It is impossible for them not to reconcile. You spent a significant portion of that money at PC World. The rest could have been spent with small purchases here or there, or if you were within your overdraft prior to the income. You have not shown your current balance or what you spend previous or since that date.

If you feel genuinely out of pocket, then you need to contact customer support. There is nothing on the forums we can do.

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Like @Chapuys said, there is a log of everything that has gone in and out of your account since you made the transfers.

If you add them all up I’m sure you’ll be able to work out where the money has gone. Post a screenshot of your transactions since 1st December and your current balance and someone might be able to give you more help…

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If you have query about your Monzo balance can I suggest you download a csv statement? You will be able to see everything in one place, and can easily do a total sum of all the credits and debits to see if they tally with your Monzo balance. If they don’t, then contact Monzo.

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Anarchist, on the Monzo app not everything appears, can you please provide me the steps to follow to get this statement, so I can see all my movements of my account as you said in the previous message

Also, is there any phone number for the Monzo department?

Melissa Belliche

To access Statements, drag down the feed in the Home display, to reveal the 4 blue icons under the card image. Tap on the ‘Account’ icon on the left. In the ‘Account statements’ section, tap on ‘Statement history’ and select the required statement(s) from the list of available statements.

The contact number for Monzo is on the rear of your Monzo card: 0800 8021 281

Like most things Monzo, go to help, and search for it. Monzo call it “export my transactions.”

I recommend you delete the screenshots to keep your personal data private.


When did you make both of these?

From playing spot the difference the second one has the conversion at “about”, is that because it’s pending still?

The first one in your account and that doesn’t say “about” on it.

The screenshot you posted from the Monzo app earlier is a live feed of all your incomings and outgoings. This is the most up to date you’re going to get.

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From the screenshots provided, it looks like the 800EUR transfer went through & was received by your Monzo account. But the 500EUR transfer hasn’t gone through.

What does your Transferwise history show regarding this attempted 500EUR transfer?

PS> Please delete the 2 Transferwise images in your latest post - there is way too much personal data exposed there.


Good morning,

Thank you for your answer
I found out that my first transfer money from transferwise didn’t make it, and that makes sense now

Best regards


I have deleted the previous screenshots

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Thanks for the feedback - mystery solved! :mag:

But the screenshots are still being displayed. I suspect you have deleted them from your device, but you should actually edit your post (#13 above) to delete the screenshots posted on this forum.

To edit, click on the link above to get to your post. At the bottom of the post there is a little pen/pencil/marker icon (edit_post ) - click/tap on that. The edit window is now displayed at the bottom and you can then edit your post and delete the 2 images.

@Coral-Crew - nuke those piccies please!

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please remove your personal information for your own safety

I just removed the screenshots and personal information
Or can you still see it ?