Bank transfer without sort code or account number

Hi, i have a Capital One credit card and I am looking to make a transfer from monzo to my credit card. However, I do not have a sort code or account number for my Capital One credit card - I only have a card number and expiry date. Is that still possible?

You can’t make a bank transfer without those details, and Monzo does not hold them as a “standard” destination or anything.

According to this: FAQs about statements, payments & interest - Capital One there are a number of ways to pay, including via the Capital One app.


This page suggests it could be possible, but I’d strongly recommend phoning the number at the top of the page to double-check before sending any money.

I’ve never had a Capital One credit card, but every credit card I have had has allowed payments by bank transfer. The bank details are always on the back of the statement somewhere, where different payment methods are listed. There, it lists the sort code and account number, along with what reference you should put down (usually the full credit card number, but it might be different for some providers).


I used to work for Capital One and one of my tasks there about 20 years ago was to design and implement (but not code - I got someone clever to do that) a system to try and apply incoming payments with incorrect references. i.e. To apply incoming payments without the 16 digit card number, but things such as “My credit card” to the correct account. The system was somewhat bizarrely named “Tarzan” and is now sadly defunct.

These days you can no doubt pay through the app or website but yes, the general thing is that you can pay a credit card with the card company’s bank account details (usually shown on your statement) and your card number (without spaces) as the reference.


The sort code and account number is on that link