Topping up Monzo card from Australian bank

Hi Monzo community - my son is travelling in Europe and has a Monzo card. I am in Australia and need to top up his card with a transfer from an Australian Bank. I only have a sort code and account number but looks like I need an IBAN and / or BIC code to do the transfer.

Can anyone help??

It actually is possible to do international bank transfers to a Monzo Beta card :grinning:

Here are the details for international transfers whilst we are in the prepaid programme:

IBAN: GB62 BARC 2059 4213 2195 85
Barclays SWIFT BIC (Bank Identifier Code): BARCGB22
Reference: The 9 digit token on the bottom left of the Monzo card


You can also use services like or Send Money Abroad. Online Global Money Transfers | Azimo - they should offer a lot better rates and smaller fee. You need to send it to following details AND include your son’s Monzo 9-digit number (it’s on the card):

(click small arrow on the right to see better formatting)

You can send money via bank transfer or simply pay with your card, very convenient. :slight_smile: You will not need your son’s bic/ibans.

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Hi Simon - thanks for the info. I’m on my bank’s website but can’t see where I would put the 9 digit reference. They require IBAN and Swift/BIC code. There are a couple of other codes to choose from:
Sort Code
Chips No
ABA/Fed wire/Routing No

I need to provide beneficiary account name - should I use my son’s name or the 9 digit reference there.

Thanks for your help. If it’s easier send me your contact number and I can give you a call.

Many thanks, jo

Hi Jo,
not sure but maybe notification you got via email didn’t include full post - please check Simon’s earlier post on forum, as he provided IBAN and BIC. I’m not sure how your bank names reference field, but reference is either when form asks for name or some other ‘commentary’ for transfer, and this is where your son’s 9 digit code should be put.

In a way to send tranfer to Monzo, but Monzo knows it’s for your son based on 9 digit reference, unique for each user. :slight_smile:

Thanks Marta - I used transferwise and it went through on my side ok. I used the sort code and account number but nowhere to put 9 digit reference - do you know if the sort code and account number will be enough for the funds to get to my son’s Monzo acc??

Thanks again for your help

I suspect he may need to contact Monzo if you didn’t include a reference, as they will have no way of identifying who the intended recipient is without it.


Yeah, your son can sort it out with Monzo via in-app chat (due to missing 9-digit reference), but he might need more details about this Transferwise transfer, but Monzo Support will tell him what they will need to sort it out for him.

For any future transfer, below is screenshot where it should be added - in a field called ‘REFERENCE’. My transaction wasn’t to Monzo, so I wrote something else in there, but that’s where 9-digit code should go to fully automate transfer:


Could he use to request the money from you and you can then just use your Australian debit card?

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Yeah, but then rubbish conversion rate will be applied (exchange rate of the bank who issued card). Using transferwise/azimo/similar gets you a lot better exchange rate.

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