Bank Transfer UX

When attempting to make a bank transfer, it’s practically impossible because it somehow now entirely ignores pastes. This results in multiple strange behaviours, like being unable to progress beyond the first stage, and even being able to submit the payment with different information to what you thought you were with not later confirmation of the information that is actually being used!

Make a bank transfer like a normal person would, and see notice it’s basically impossible.

iOS 17.2
iPhone 15PM

How is it ignoring pastes? I can copy details over just fine so I can only assume you’ve got some other formatting in there perhaps?

Which makes sense for the above. It wont let you proceed if you don’t provide the correct details

Works fine on Android.

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Yeah it’s REALLY strange the information pastes into the field, but for all intents and purposes it behaves as though it hasn’t. So doesn’t let me press next. But if I then manually type the info it gives me the next button.

On my last attempt specifically I had just written “Test” in the name field and started typing the account info and finally got the Next button. So then pasted the (annoyingly long) business name into the name field and finally proceeded. Only for the transaction to show up as “Test” in my feed, not what I’d later pasted into the name field.

Sounds like a relatively common issue that also affects some websites, where the event that enables the submit button or internally binds the values of the fields doesn’t listen for pastes so they don’t work the same as keystrokes. I would imagine if after you pasted the business name you added and deleted a character it’d use the correct value after that.

Hi can anyone help me please?

i can’t transfer money from my barclays account into my monzo account, i use to be able to do this if i deleted the monzo app then re-installed it, but as of yesterday i can’t do this, i emailed monzo for help and no one seemed to b of any help, i was passed from person to person, the last person made some excuse and said they would put in in touch with another department lol now nothing! i’ve emailed help twice today no reply!! so i’ve transferred al my payments etc to back to my barclays account, i’ve cancelled my card with stuff like amazon, what will happen when al banks no longer exists and everything is done by an app?

does any one thing my iphone is not updating my monzo app? is my iphone too old as it’s an iphone 7s? is the ios not up to date??

Hi @suzi-b-3 & welcome :wave:

If the app store is allowing you to download the latest :monzo: app version to your device, then it won’t be your device that is too old.

With your description of “i can’t transfer money from my barclays account into my monzo account” - are you doing this by setting up a payee in your Barclays account which has your Monzo account details and then sending a bank transfer from Barclays to Monzo using those details?

Think it’s via the add money feature (open banking). Speculation though can’t imagine sending from Barclays to monzo via account number would be an issue unless payment held by Barclays for extra checks.

Yes it was, but i’ve sorted it now thank you…….

i stupidly didn’t realise for some stupid reason i could transfer my money from my barclays account!

just a blonde moment!!