Paste and autofill payees bank details

When someone sends you their bank details, it’s such a faff having to copy and paste them one by one, flipping between apps, trying to remember them and getting it wrong, writing them down etc

How great would it be if you could just copy and paste the whole piece of text and for Monzo to be able to read and autofill the fields?

So when someone sends you a paragraph like this

Tom Almond
Monzo Bank
00-00-00 00000000
38 Finsbury Square London EC2A 1PX United Kingdom

You can just drop it into the app and it does the rest!

Just me then :sleepy: haha


Great idea. Have a like!

Edit: and a vote.

Oh no, I think this is a great idea. I do find the copy-paste routine a hassle when paying someone new, so if you could paste a chunk of bumpf and the app would just interpret that, rather than having to copy and paste the individual bits, that would be hugely useful.

Have a vote from me too.


Provided there’s something in there which is 6 digits (with or without the - separators) and something which is 8 digits, it shouldn’t be rocket science. Even if it tried to pick up the account name and got it wrong it wouldn’t be a tragedy, it’s the sort code and account number which are key, and you could edit the name if it had accidentally picked up a different piece of text (I’m aware of upcoming confirmation of payee service). Then show you the original text and the payee details to be added for you to confirm.

Have to admit I’m always paranoid about getting something wrong when entering a new payee. Modulus checking isn’t foolproof and you never know whether they’re doing that when you enter the details anyway…

I agree with this idea. Provided that the text was in a decent enough format to be interpretable and not just a random text message filled with extra text then i think this could be a good idea. You have my vote :slight_smile:

Can apps read the clipboard?

Would be cool if you copied a sort code and account number from a text or where ever, went to the Monzo app, it realised you had a copied account and asked if you wanted to add a payee. :open_mouth:

Edit: This seems like it would be possible on Android.

On iOS, if you have a web address in the clipboard, when you open Chrome it will ask if you want to open it. So apps can see what’s in the clipboard. I assume there would be restrictions, though.

Can’t you kind of get this type information out into an Email by using the function of Moving your Salary over, it gives all of that.
just alter the body of the email about moving your salary across.

Oh ffs I swear I didn’t see this just now :slight_smile:
This is a no brainer. But def add screenshot ocr and parsing too.

Of course. They can and they do. All parcel tracking apps for example have done this for years because its bloody obvious!

Doesn’t matter what the text is like. A simple regex will extract it accurately 99% of the time.

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This would be cool! Voted :blush:

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This might be handy, though I think I’d only use it once or twice a year at most. Apps like Fantastical automatically parsing event creation is incredibly handy.

Yeah this is such a time saver in other apps it’s mad not to have it everywhere you can.

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Yup. Definitely up for this idea:)

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Let’s do it, Monzo :raised_hands: :sweat_smile:

I mean, it’s a nice idea and there’s nothing wrong with making life easier but you only have to copy the account number and then remember the 6 digit sort code for a few seconds…

The name can be whatever you want it to be and if you’re sending the person money then i presume you know their name.

The address, also isn’t needed

This is a really good idea - I’ve seen great implementations of this abroad for banking and deliveries.