Bank Transfer - Lead Time for Fraud Team to investigate


I am trying to pay somebody £3500 for some work done on my house. When trying to send the payment I had to record a video of myself reciting some words on a screen. Live chat popped up and said the fraud team would investigate the transaction first and would contact me.

This was about 16 hours ago, how long do Monzo usually take to get back to people? I get that this transaction will seem unusual but I need to pay!

16 hours ago, was a Sunday - so that specialist team probably aren’t working weekends (maybe).

So assuming they got to it today, at 9am, you’re 2.5 hours into their time, and assuming there are people from the weekend in that queue, you may have to wait a bit longer. :slight_smile:

How long? No idea - fraud investigations can take ages, or it could just be a simple case of them confirming it’s a legit request to a new account, and not a scam request etc.

It’s a pain, but Monzo are trying to protect you here against potential scam.

Hi, this has happened to my buying a car……how long did it take to resolve ?

This is what’s happening to me now. How long did yours take to resolve in the end?

Took about 36 hours for them to call me and discuss, then was sorted during the call