Assigning Categories Bug 🐛(iOS)

Apologies if this bug has already been flagged elsewhere.

When you attempt to change the category on a transaction, it changes briefly but then instantly reverts back to the original one. Attempting to change a second time then allows the new category to save properly.

iPhone X on iOS 11.3.1
Monzo 2.0



Anybody from the Monzo team going to acknowledge this before its buried in the forum? In-app help specifically says to highlight bugs here, or am I better off sending to in-app CS? :thinking:

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Good spot. I remember seeing somebody mention a bug with categorising faster payments. Is this a Monzo to Monzo payment or FPS?

What would be really useful here - and probably more so for those on the TestFlight / Android Beta version - is some sort of bug tracker so users know if a bug they’ve seen has been spotted before and is being worked on.

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@danbeddows - this was a faster payment! :iphone:

Agreed, as far as I can see there isn’t even a ‘bug’ category on the forum (like Starling). Would be good if we could have a dedicated bug category to highlight these issues.

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Not sure if it’s the same issue, but this is at least similar:

Mine was actually more directly at the time of sending a payment, a bug which appears to have been fixed which is great :rocket:

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