[Android/iOS] Category always changed to General after bank transfer

When sending a payment to someone via a bank transfer you’re asked to select the category, but regardless of what you choose it gets lumped into general. :confused:

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Can confirm this also happens on iOS not just Android.

I’ve had this happen for every bank payment since (i think) the current account started. Kind of funny it hasn’t been fixed yet.

@HughWells confirmed Monzo are aware and a fix is being worked on.

Any update on a fix for this @HughWells?

I’m always forgetting then having to spend a chunk of time at the end of each month recategorising things I thought I’d already categorised.

It’s the same issue with CA to JA accounts which I thought were dealt with via P2P?

Afraid not :disappointed:

I really hope this doesn’t go round for a year without a fix! I have escalated it again to see if we can get it looked at but it isn’t a trivial fix I’m afraid :disappointed_relieved:

I think this is fixed??

Just had a chance to test this on iOS.

Immediately after sending the bank transfer, the feed item for the bank transfer showed General as it’s category, but a few seconds later it updated to the category I’d chosen from the ‘send bank transfer’ flow.

OS: iOS 12.1.4
Device: iPhone 6
App Version: 2.36.0 #508 (TestFlight)