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Sure similar has been covered before, but as many users now have several pot moves on regular basis, it becomes very over absorbed with often tiny transactions. Will there be a way to tag or note these on statement for what they relate to?

Also should pot transactions show on statement shouldn’t it look like a single balance and account, as the saving pots are not actual other accounts, just virtual accounts with “ring fenced” funds, if that makes sense?!


What do statements look like at the moment? I thought they excluded pot movements, but I can’t say I’ve ever had need to check…


From testing a few tweet triggers with a 1p movement

Lol … 2 A4 pages of …



I’ve tried to stay away from the argument that was raging in another thread about interest payable in pots, but I think there was an important point in there about whether pots are to be treated as part of the same account or whether they are logically separate things.

I wonder whether we should just call pots accounts and be done with it…?


In my personal opinion, I’d then hope they would get individual account numbers, would also prevent trigger happy endless pots, and if ever trying to explain for a mortgage for example it would make a bit of “real world” logic, I would currently look like I’m OCD about pennies.

I guess everyone else needs to catch up and get what pots are !!

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I’d like to see pots excluded from being itemised on the statement. It’s staying in the account so why bother?



I’m all up for rethinking things from first principles, but I think pots are suffering from a bit of an identity crisis. As I’ve said elsewhere on here, I think this is partly because they’re placeholders for integrations with third parties.

That said, part of me really likes having ringfenced bits of the same account. I was initially sceptical, but have grown to find them really useful.

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I agree, I expect that will be resolved eventually once all the functionality, like the integrations & also things like shared Pots are built out. ‘Shared accounts’ would sound a bit too serious to me for flatmates sharing a Pot to split bills & accounts would be confusing for integrations because that would make it sound like the Pot represents a user account for the 3rd party’s service.


Absolutely. Part of me wonders whether there’s actually two use cases hidden under one name :thinking: - but I haven’t really thought about it too deeply.

Edit: this is how I’ve envisaged pots turning into integrations - I went with the term “accounts” to make it clearer:

(@alexs, feel free to file elsewhere if this pushes the limits of this topic!)

Should Pots balances be counted for overdraft fee calculations?
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Thanks we’ve been off topic for a while here really so I’ll move a few of these posts later, in the meantime. Please feel free to carry on the discussion :slight_smile:


That’s definitely the look I see one day, except my balances will all be a pot lower ha ha!


I should say that this is just a mock - my balances aren’t quite as healthy, alas!

(Thinking about it, I should probably have used Crowdcube as an example of integration - the @Peter_G in this example is a Monzo investor, after all. Or maybe it’s his Monzo earnings that he’s reinvested in Ratesetter?!)

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Great work! I’d love to seem something along these lines. I really don’t like the current Pots interface, as it’s so difficult to get an overview (scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll…). By the time I’ve got through my Pots, I’ve forgotten what the first ones were. Requires far too much mental power. A list I could glance down would be :heavy_plus_sign: :heavy_plus_sign: :heavy_plus_sign: