I have seen a couple of people asking - but nobody outright suggesting the idea:

  • Pot Statements (Pot-atements)

Fundamentally a means to see transactional history and similarly provide independent statements to the core account.

This will:
a) help manage deposits and withdrawals from a user’s pot perspective, AND
b) help manage 3rd party recipients of our core account statements who see withdrawal from the core to the Pot (which at the moment looks like we are spendaholics, and not save-a-holics.

Ok - maybe the name needs a change, but the functionality would still be useful!

(Kenneth C Lawrence) #2

Name wise, I think Pot-atotes :joy::heart_eyes:

I agree with this though. Either a pot is fully contained within the current account (thus no need to show the 100 coin jar transactions in my statement) or is separated so needs it’s own statement.

(Theo Gregory) #4

Each transaction should then be called a chip :ok_hand:

(Simon) #5

If you go into the new summary tab and click on a pot you get a list of transactions for that pot. It would be nice to export this as a statement and could be easier to switch between months, also would be nice to see start and end balance for it.
It’s a start though :blush: