2 types of unique bank statements


I was thinking of a feature that may be useful for everyone.

We should have 2 types of exportable bank statements:

  • Statement (Official) - This statement could be used for mortgages, credit application, tenancy agreements, etc… This one will not show money coming and going out of pots but just the money in the account and only incoming and outgoing transactions. This should not show transactions that are moving into or out of pots.

  • Statement (Personal Use) - This types of the statement will show all transactions going into or moving out of pots and all transactions that are incoming and outgoing will also be shown.

The reason for this is that I do not want to apply for a mortgage while saving money for different small things in pots. Like house insurance pot or a car insurance pot. I am also doing the £1 saving challenge and the 1p challenge. This means that I have 2 lines on my statement every day and some of the pots may have personalised names that I do not want to share with people.

Is this a good idea or am I the only one facing this problem?

The pot names don’t show on the statements. It just shows as Transfer to/from savings pot

I think statements are fine as they are, just need a bit of tidying up

I agree with this 100%

If my money is just moving around within Pots, then I don’t want to see that movement. I just want the overall picture.

Sometimes it will show £1000s in and out of my SO’s statement, but she’s just moving stuff around several times in a month.

Love this idea, especially for mortgages

I guess this is not a huge problem as most people seem to be okay with it. Thanks for your feedback.

@r2b89 - Not a huge problem but definitely agree that it’d be a ‘nice to have’.

Regardless, I agree with @ndrw that statements really need tidying up. And introduce the ability to download in both PDF and CSV formats from the Monzo web interface. It’s a pain to have to go through the process to export on your phone and then have to email it to yourself if you need it on a bigger screen. This functionality would also be vital for Business Acc users (whenever that launches…) as many users will need to import transaction data into various accounting systems. Having the ability to export means less time waiting for direct integrations via open banking.

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