Bank of China (UK)

The going into North Korea is OK. It’s the getting out that can be problematic.


Sounds like the start to a great joke inbound!


Will they have a call centre to put me into? I’ll be as happy as a pig in shit, as long as there’s some food and illicit foreign DVDs, Durex have a presence there etc, we good.

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r/ihavesex leaking again

I know it’s all exciting being young and all but after the hotel saga we don’t need this too


What hotel saga?

I’ve obviously been spending too much of my hiatus researching cleaning products and not enough reading these forums (ironically? the thing I won my plushie for).

r/ihaveaplushie. Don’t join. @revels is the admin.


@ndrw Surely you had this epiphany as well… To be honest, that isn’t even the best bit. 123movie time is better.

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This didn’t go down the route I expected (the thread)

I’ve heard rumours of people opening these accounts being judged for no mandarin & quizzed on why they’d need an account

Sounds like you did pretty well

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Is it because aforementioned native called up the person I had the appointment with first? No idea what she will have said… “He is crazy and likes to hold accounts with every bank”

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Does the card come with said Chinese name? If so, how will you use It online as you’ll not be able to type it in when asked?

Colleague has a Chinese wife and an actual issued in China account. Must ask him how that went.

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I can type via Pinyin IME so that’s not an issue. I’m not sure which name goes on it.

This one is good: Microsoft Simplified Chinese IME - Microsoft Support

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Having also got a BOC UK account for facilitating transfers from mainland China, I have to say you’ll have a hard time going ‘full BOC’. Every bank transfer requires the dynamic code from the generator device, transactions are not real time and it’s generally just not good enough to use as a normal bank account. That’s literally not what it’s intended to be used as, either.


and on a side note, the Chinese name is for legal names only. If you don’t have one, that part gets left blank

I had an old customer who had his pensions paid into BOC & held no other accounts. I’m not sure he had very demanding requirements though!

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I don’t want to cast aspersions, so I’ll leave it unsaid, but…


They are part of FOS so purely to get my own back, I will escalate.

I had every intention of using the account for all my spending etc. ICICI instead then.

Not unexpected. I’m surprised by your determination to make your own life more difficult by banking with institutions that aren’t designed for day to day banking.

Before you waste everyone’s time by going to the FOS you need to exhaust the bank’s complaints process first.

But I’d say no point going to the FOS because they’ll be told that they can decide not to offer you banking reasons as long as it is not illegal discrimination. It could even be because they didn’t like the colour of the shirt you wore.


How aren’t BOC or ICICI designed for everyday banking? What else is a personal current account for?

You don’t need to tell me how FOS works.

How did you know I wore a shirt lol… was the same colour as the branch guys hahah

Both banks are mainly intended for expats to send money home / international remittance.


Yeah, I need to do that. RMB transfers would be mega convenient.

There is a certain level of irony, that ICICI have no issue /w me, yet I genuinely have no use case for them.

It worked at work tho, in the canteen, at the vending machine, on the bus, on the train… ICICI.

I mean the only reason I have BOC is for remittance back to China.

You can send funds to people in China via Mastercard on 微信 and 支付宝.

Transferwise or other international money service available.

Spend directly in China from your UK card also. I see no appeal of BOC as a main card. I loose the code key ring all the time.

Do you have a bank account in mainland China? I swear they only even offer the card to those that do, might be why it was rejected.

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I don’t think that’s an option. Internationally issued cards can be used for purchases at merchants, but not for P2P payments. I think you’d also struggle at merchants who are using personal accounts to receive money.

You certainly wouldn’t want to be using a BOC UK card for that either as you’d be stung for international usage fees on both sides.

It’s worth mentioning that BOC don’t want British customers at all, the only reason they open ones occasionally for ‘local’ people is because they have a clear link to China and would struggle finding a legitimate reason to refuse it.