Waiting for my card, a few questions I have

Hey everyone,

I am waiting for my Monzo card. However I had a few questions (this is my first ‘bank account’, sort of testing the waters before applying in a physical bank).

  • Can I receive bank transfer from overseas (China/France)? I read some reviews that Monzo blocks the accounts and I am afraid that my father in China won’t be able to send me some money.
  • Are Direct Debit a possibility with these cards?

Thank you!

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Hi @darrochom :wave:

Transfers from abroad are coming soon (within the next 3 months)! Monzo recommend you use https://transferwise.com/ to help receive the money into your account for the time being.

Direct Debits work perfectly with this card :slight_smile:

I use Monzo as my main bank now and don’t require the needs of a “physical” bank anymore. You may feel the same once you start to use Monzo :credit_card:


just to add to Jacks comments , there do seem to be quite a few post appearing where cards are blocked for large amounts coming into Monzo accounts from abroad for AML purposes, perhaps worth contacting in app support to explain your situation about money coming from your father and restrict it to relatively small amounts for a number of transactions that don’t then arouse suspicion ??? :slight_smile:

edit - and once these smaller transactions have been received successfully then maybe contact in app chat again and say you have a larger transaction coming if your father is happy with you :slight_smile: is that OK for Monzo


Welcome to Monzo! Just so you are fully aware, Monzo is a full bank (with all the protections a bank has for your deposits) and the account you have with them is a full bank account with a sort code and account number. Can do transfers, standing orders as well as direct debits, etc.

As a new bank, international bank transfers are not enabled right now on the account but as @Jackcrwhitney points out, they are not far down the pipeline.


Thank you very much for the answers !

So per my understanding, any amount from a foreign bank by transfer is not possible?

Thank you!

Not directly at the moment, you’ll have to use TransferWise or similar. They are very popular and recommended by people here

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I was wondering if I could add money to my Paypal with my dad’s card, then deposit that Paypal money into my Monzo account? (transferwise does not have CNY)

Would that work?

You can withdraw from PayPal to your bank account.

Think your best option is to go to help on the app (once you get your card) and use the chat option to talk it over with them.

Or someone from Monzo will see this first and give you a definite answer

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