Bank of China (UK)

Offering a Great Wall International Debit/Credit card, several current account options and I believe some savings, but most importantly, a wicked card design!

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I’ll start: I’ve spoke to branch, sorted out the application, will be going in “soon”

Let’s see how the process goes.

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From what I understand it involves a branch visit - so even when I was in the phase of odd accounts/cards I opted out


Please keep us updated - there may well be some interest hereabouts in how this progresses.

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En route to one of the branches now…


Okay so in order to open the account, it is largely normal KYC stuff, so in my case Passport, driving license, bank statement (posted, not printed & from within the last 3 months) and three months payslips, however I gave them my employment contract.

You’ve then to fill out a form with the account you’re after, main currency, if you want internet/mobile banking facilities etc, all your personal/tax/employment info and how much dough you’ll be playing about with over the course of a month and year. Will you be sending money abroad? if so to where & source of funds.

From there, a few colleagues checked it. I was then asked whether I’d like to collect my account details in 2 weeks from branch or have them posted:

So the timeline looks like this:
In the next two weeks, they will open my account, sending me a debit card and internet banking form.

I will then call to activate the card, at which point they send a PIN

Simultaneously, I will send back the internet banking form to branch in the post, to save a trip.

Then I’ll receive an e-token which seems to be sort of like a secure key. At which point I can login online.

I’ll also get my PIN and be able to change it at a cash point.

Some branches do require an appointment, but I had my girlfriend call ahead for several reasons:

One the application form requires a Chinese name, and two the boxes are too small for English names. I’m hoping it doesn’t cause an issue, but they seemed confident!

I was then emailed by branch, and came in today. It was a lot cleaner and sleeker than most UK bank branches.

If I haven’t covered something, please let me know, but this appears to be the gist.


That’s a hell of a lot of work for a debit card. Dedication!


I intend on actually using it, being paid into it etc. full BOC


Out of curiosity, why?


Damn, and I nearly didn’t apply for Drummonds because I had to open the old form again. :joy:

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Nearly? :eyes:

The banking app and card looks prettier than most, and I suppose it’s a little exotic not being western.


My account is opened according to the mail I got in the app this morning, not showing in there yet though. :eyes:


[Tin foil hat] And also probably quite closely monitored by the Chinese state. [/Tin foil hat]


I already use Weixin and Tenpay so lost cause… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just so long as you don’t tell them you believe in democracy, you’ll be grand. Best not to say you think Taiwan is a country either.


Ha, aforementioned gf… I just nod and smile.

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Just don’t go to Japan

Stick to Go Go Nippon, my first trip to Japan - actually an okay graphic novel game on steam

One potential plus point is that presumably they will accept your BoC card in Cuba. North Korea too and they’re actually starting to open up to tourists.

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A Brit and a Chinese person going to North Korea on a romantic holiday, I can’t help but foresee that setting off alarm bells.