Share account details more easily! 🙈

Wow, I just found the “Share account details button”!

What a great idea, but it’s so hidden, deep in the settings menu.

Has anyone else discovered it!?

I wonder if it would be worthwhile bringing it up to the account tab directly?

What do you think?


Yeah. To be fair it should really be in Payments > Request. Underneath or above the method.


I was just looking for this! I was trying to hold down the tile with my sortcode/account number on the account screen. I often send my sort code and account number to people so would love a way to easily share this. The share account details button is great, but I don’t need to send all those details most of the time.

I would prefer it if I could just copy sortcode/account number to my clipboard…


This would save a fair bit of time and frustration - it’s getting a bit annoying having to delete the useless information when sharing account details. Sort code and account number are all that’s needed, and surely would be a pretty simple fix for this!


Have you tried clicking on “Add Money” at the top of the Account tab, then clicking “UK Bank Transfer”? There’s the option to share just your name, account number and sort code.

I agree that the option to share name, account number and sort code should also be included under “Request” in the payments tab.