Share account details more easily! 🙈

(Sam Duke) #1

Wow, I just found the “Share account details button”!

What a great idea, but it’s so hidden, deep in the settings menu.

Has anyone else discovered it!?

I wonder if it would be worthwhile bringing it up to the account tab directly?

What do you think?


Yeah. To be fair it should really be in Payments > Request. Underneath or above the method.

(Myles Cowper-Coles) #3

I was just looking for this! I was trying to hold down the tile with my sortcode/account number on the account screen. I often send my sort code and account number to people so would love a way to easily share this. The share account details button is great, but I don’t need to send all those details most of the time.

I would prefer it if I could just copy sortcode/account number to my clipboard…