Card and account details for current accounts

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Following Hugo’s suggestion, here’s a sneak peek at our new designs for displaying card and account info for current accounts.


We’ll be showing your sort code and account number at the top of the card screen for quick reference. Tapping there will take you to a new account screen, where you can see everything in detail. There, you’ll be able to tap a cell to copy the sort code, account number or anything else individually — or just tap ‘Share account details’ to grab all the information for easy sharing in another app.

As always, we’d love to hear what you think :slightly_smiling_face:



Wow! That looks excellent! :slight_smile:

I assume the design would be similar on the Android side too? :wink:

Vs how the design currently is on Android I think this is a big step up, looks very professional - Though how often does a BIC number come up? I’ve never heard of it outside seeing it mentioned in the Slack channel haha :smiley:


Will there be the option to see the long card number as well? Therefore removing the need to even have the card with you on occasion.


That would be cool. It would be handy for it to display on the card that you freeze.

I know it might not be the same on Android, but I think I’d like card first, top up / overdraft options later. Basically, on card tab, card should be the most important and now info on this tab suggests it’s more of an ‘Account’ tab, than Card tab. Unless the name for the tab is going to change eventually too. :thinking:

I also totally :heart: CVC option. On desktop I always take it from password manager, so it’s easy. Mobile is a different story, opening password manager, authenticating, finding the entry, viewing the entry and scrolling down to cvc is a rather painfull process. Looking up cvc in Monzo app will take me a lot less time. Aww yiss. :duck:


Yes, the card screen we’ve designed for Android is very similar! The difference is that on Android we believe that it makes sense to follow platform conventions and keep settings and profile info in the drawer menu, where they’ll be easy to find and access.


Glad to hear this, i like the Android design and being able to swipe the drawer from the left on any screen to see account information :+1:


Good question! We’ve been debating whether/how to show the full card number in the app. The current thinking is that it should at least be under another layer of security, much like the PIN is currently.


Just put a pin on the app and once in the app display the card in full not hide it under another layer of security

Why should the card number be treated any differently from the account number?

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I’m not sure that adding a layer of friction to the whole app, to protect one feature is a good idea :thinking:


Looks great, thanks for sharing! Overall I really like the design, and it looks very convenient in terms of accessing and using account details. Just a couple of questions on smaller details.

Following on from one issue Marta mentioned, it does seem that this tab is now misnamed. It’s more of a Profile tab than just about the card, as it’s where you access your personal details. And a lot of the things (limit information, topping up) apply to the account as opposed to just the card. (This applies in the prepaid app, too.)

One other thing I wanted to ask about is the choice of grey text on white for account number, etc. One or more people have mentioned that grey on white text is hard for people with vision issues. For supplementary information (like a preview of the note associated with a transaction in the feed), this is probably not a big issue. But for viewing these key details, it’s probably better to use a colour scheme that makes the sort code, account number, address, and URL easy to read for as wide a range of people as possible. Definitely not my area of expertise, but just something that came to mind.

Overall very exciting, can’t wait for the full current accounts. :grin:


That’s an excellent point! This is something we’re working very hard to improve on, but we’re not fully there yet. :confused: That grey is Apple’s default grey that you see in Settings, for example, but you’re right - this information is so important that that might not be enough. We’ll look into it and make sure it’s accessible to everyone. Thanks!


Love it! I really like how you can copy the details (individually, too! Ace)- typing them out manually is so troublesome!
I share the same sentiments as the rest, I don’t care for an additional pin to protect my card number. Maybe for the CVC if you must, but I always forget my CVC when I have a million cards (the long card number is already saved) and it’s a pain digging in my wallet to look it up. This will save a lot of hassle :raised_hands:t3:

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I love it and I can’t wait to see it in the CA app soon!

Just 2 things, I noticed it says “Top Up” what would be hidden under this as I assume topping up from another card is not something needed for the CA?

2nd, I would love to see the full card number, I personally think it’s fine not to have it under another layer as the CVC and Pin is under another layer of security and with the exception of Amazon I don’t know where you would be able to use just the card number and expiry date.

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Would we get the IBAN number displayed as well?


Topping up by card will still be an option for the current accounts.


Thanks I missed that one, I can’t see why you would want to top up your current account with another debit card though, but I’m sure there are people who would haha :slight_smile:

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Starling displays card number, expiry and CVV on an image of their card within the app. App protected by PIN / TouchID. Not further friction to get this info.

To edit the avatar of a regular payee, however, requires an additional password. :roll_eyes:

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  1. if you want funds from abroad quicker than a SWIFT payment

  2. at weekends when some banks and building societies do not do Faster Payments


When is the next TestFlight being released?

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