Balance not updating

The app often says last updated x hours ago
I have to restart phone to reconnect & get balance I have contacted Apple support diagnostic on phone shows no issues with phone itself

Details to reproduce:
It’s random cannot manually reproduce
Device: XSmax
App Version:
I’ll add next time it happens

iOS Version?


I realise it’s random, but have you tried to re-install the app?

Not yet I was trying to avoid having to go the whole verification again but I’ll give it a try

You shouldn’t have to go through verification again, it’ll just ask for your email - sign in using the “magic link” and enter your pin when prompted

Oh ok. Clever monzo with my last bank I had to set to the whole thing again with card reader etc thank you I’ll do that & see if it resolves the issue :+1:t2:

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I have reinstalled the app & I had the same thing happen a message popped up saying last updated15 hours ago

Are you using a VPN? I believe that can cause issues.

No I’m not using a VPN.

I’m having the same issues. Last updated 13 hours ago!

There’s an outage at the moment so might be connected to that if you’ve been trying in the last 30 minutes


hopefully all will be resolved soon. was trying to find info to see if there was an outage. thanks.

This is the monzo status page, if you ever need it


Mine just takes a while to update. Really strange.